At least we didn’t have thundersnow today

According to my cute li’l timehop app, we had thundersnow last January 10th. I apparently also cleaned a drywall bucket. (By the way, if you ever need a drywall bucket, I have an inside connection to The Drywall Emporium. I just have to manage to get across the Mackinac Bridge and back, sometimes a challenge in the winter months. Falling ice anyone?)

Today? No thundersnow. I actually love thundersnow and would’ve preferred it to this cute little bit of arithmetic from this morning, not to mention a very slodgy 0-skunk-30 walk:

   Snow/freezing rain/whatever
+ Jackknifed semi at the Jackson entrance to the I94 18-wheel Slogway
= Working from home for the duration

I actually did not work from home all day. I went over to Cubelandia in the late morning after the temperatures rose well above freezing and the crap coming out of the sky turned into rain of the non-freezing sort. I dispatched The Pensioner to fill up the Frog Hopper with gas and check out the roads for me. Not only did he fill up the Frog Hopper, he also took my Ninja out and topped it off. Kudos to TP! Thanks!

Roads were A-okay (although I did drive the Frog Hopper just in case because AWD). Biggest problem was huge mud-puddles on the roads from rain and big-time snow melt. Some other colleagues didn’t make it in to the office at all and that was okay. I was okay with telecommuting this morning but I knew I would get Cabin Fever if I did it all day. And it was nice to be @Cubelandia this afternoon, over the wall from FZ and bantering with the Benevolent Despot about how many steps we had logged on our fitbits by that time, and no, I am not fitbit friends with my boss. Jeebus!

It is now 40 degrees or thereabouts. It is raining and the wind is screaming. I hope no trees fall down tonight… Or we lose power… But we have a generator now… But we haven’t actually given that thing a trial run yet… Fingers crossed.

One Response to “At least we didn’t have thundersnow today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Not a fan of the wind–we’ve had a few nasty windstorms already. (normally they are a spring phenomenon here, not winter!) And it’s a cold winter, so losing power would be awful. I have only seen thundersnow once in my life, and I was entranced. It was incredible!!