My major accomplishment today

bucketYes. I cleaned a drywall bucket.

If you don’t like the weather in the Great Lake State, wait five minutes. Alas, I LIKED the weather in the Great Lake State yesterday. This morning? It was raining and in the upper 30s when I got up. That was fine although it was also windy and the power browned out momentarily a few times before I left for my walk. Still. When I left the Landfill, I would still call what was coming down “rain”, although it sounded a little bit needly hitting the hood of my rain jacket. Rain gradually transitioned to sleet and then to snow and the wind persisted so by the time I got back across the schoolyard, I was wondering if I should walk through the woods or not. You know, because [HUGE] trees sometimes fall when it’s windy (and even sometimes when it’s not windy). I pushed myself to walk through the north end of the woods. Everything was all right. I got maybe 100 yards down the trail in the south end of the woods and… WHAT WAS THAT FLASH? Although I called it Thundersnow on fb, I never heard any thunder but I am sure I saw lightning. I do not do lightning. I scurried outta there and back to the Landfill right quick.

The drywall bucket cleanup defines the kind of stuff I did today. The small stuff that annoys you whenever you look at it but you never seem to be able to FOCUS enough on it to clean it up. So, I shoveled the couple inches of icky wet snow that fell on the public sidewalk. I do not want a ticket. They say they will ticket if *any* snow (or ice) falls and people don’t clean it up. I am cool with the concept. I cannot count how many times I have struggled with uncleared sidewalks (mostly ice) on my 0-skunk-30 walk, shaken my fist and yelled, “Salt your sidewalk!” at some completely dark house. The problem is that the city’s rules and requirements are not clear. But we’ll talk about that some other time.

Anyway, I am already boring you so I won’t bore you with the details of the contents of the Drywall Bucket that we keep rock salt in, not to mention the state of the Drywall Bucket itself. I emptied the wet, lumpy, salty slush outta that thing (on the sidewalk) and then I took it downstairs to the laundry tub and washed the heck out of it. A Mr. Clean Magic Eraser thingy helped greatly. The icky stuff still on there would not come off but I actually think that is from the original label. But who knows? The GG did the lid but, as the lid is deteriorating, methinks yer fav-o-rite blahgger will pay a visit to the Drywall Bucket Emporium the next time we are at the moomincabin to shop for a new lid. Maybe its proprietor will give me a deal on a drywall bucket lid 💚

It was one of those days when lots of small inconsequential chores happened. I *forced* myself to realize that those chores were an accomplishment. It helped that every dern time I went outside, I had to suit up in all kinds of clothing for wind and whatever precipitation was happening. It was so much like the Polar Vortex Winter (even though it wasn’t that cold out).

In the late afternoon, we drove down to the river and took a Sunday Sunset Sanity hike in our fave Barton Dam nature area. Maybe I’ll post some of those pics tomorrow when I will be telecommuting and prob’ly won’t have much to say. 🐗

Love y’all. KW

2 Responses to “My major accomplishment today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like your view of inconsequential chores as accomplishments. I have trouble remembering that as I look at my cluttered den desk and some of my jumbled up drawers/cabinets. I have cleaned out many dry wall/paint buckets; Patt had about 200 of them! He didn’t believe in getting rid of them. I don’t do hail, snow/ice or heavy wind–too many trees around here. Today it was blue sky but cold, and a very nice, invigorating run.

  2. jane Says:

    ah the sidewalks and the citys’ rules about them. I am lucky to live in a condo that is almost always totally on top of clearing the sidewalks (and my walk and 2 steps) in a timely fashion. they were a bit behind when we got 14″ last year, but then hey, weren’t we all?

    what annoys me is that the city doesn’t seem to follow their own rules! and wet snow then falling temps (although my car started nicely this morning) means they really should plow and/or salt (before the wet stuff freezes. and it did. so now we have an inch of compacted ice on the roads. nice. I hope the deer don’t slip and slide while running away from the sharpshooters! 😉