Armageddon (or is it Apocalypse?)

This photo has been apped. The photo that my iPhone took of this loverly little scene was MUCH lighter than the dark ugly scene in front of my vee-hickle looked to me (at 9:00 AM!) so I turned it all kind of green like we were underwater, like we kind of were.

In the photoooo, I am parked in the Westgate lot outside Barry Bagels. I walked out to the parking lot with MMCB but I declined to help them with today’s parking lot task. That was to transfer a sewing musheen from MMCB1‘s [new Honda CRV] vee-hickle to MMCB2‘s vee-hickle [old enough Toyota to have an Obama sticker on it]. I was surprised that MMCB2 even *owned* a sewing musheen. I guess she bought it a long time ago, intending to learn to sew (I’d bet dollars that her mom knew how to sew). MMCB2, on the other hand is an accomplished quilter. I noticed the new CRV as soon as I parked and knew exactly who it belonged to. If you grow up with automotive engineers, you notice new vee-hickles.

As we walked out of Barry Bagels MMCB were “arguing” (as in “I can carry it” / “no it’s too heavy”) about how heavy the sewing musheen was and whether MMCB2 needed to drive her car around to MMCB1‘s car. I[e-I-e-I] could’ve carried the damn thing without a problem but, as much as I love MMCBboth, I got outta dodge instead.

Because of a certain comment that I don’t really understand (“Anne!” aka KW) I feel the need to remind people that it has been common knowledge since the beginning that I do not support Trump (and I am *not* a Democrat but that is a whole ‘nother story), I love all of my friends and family members who did vote for Trump. I just don’t understand…

2 Responses to “Armageddon (or is it Apocalypse?)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hmmm, comment? Well, I am a liberal, so that generally means I’m a Democrat or vote that way most of the time. 🙂 I think we have a few sewing machines around here, one of mine(that I never used) and one of Ashley’s that she DID.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Proud liberal here, too! And appalled about what we’re in for.

    I used to have a sewing machine, but donated it when we moved here to Harstine Island. I think I’d used it…maybe 3 times max? My mom was an excellent seamstress, but I just didn’t inherit that gene! I literally have no spatial ability. (Not kidding).