Fool moon

Blllrrrrrrgggggg. I spent my *entire* workday (almost, a couple meetings in there somewhere) working on my annual performance evaluation. What did I accomplish this year? I’m not sure. There is no way in the world that the work I do can be quantified in any way, shape, or form. Each prodject is vastly different from all of the others with its own unique set of challenges. I learn something from each prodject but that experience doesn’t *necessarily* translate into anything valuable later on. Overall, it’s an upward trajectory but not without some little dips and loops and things along the way. I get better at what I do with each prodject but that doesn’t mean I am never surprised by little snags and gotchas and things.

It kind of reminds me of my theatre guild administrator years. Every play we produced provided a different set of challenges. Various venues, costume needs (or not), props, a different set of cast members and, uh, their parents, weather challenges. Did I say weather? I am thinking of the December we produced a version of Merlin and it snowed every damn day of tech week. It snowed so much the Monday of that week that we had to CANCEL a rehearsal. We were all totally freaked out about that. School was also canceled that day and, as it turned out, the next TWO days, almost unheard of, and so the silver lining to canceling an important rehearsal is that our actors were well rested for the next two important rehearsals. I am rambling but what I wanted to say was, it’s an upward trajectory but not without some little dips and loops and things along the way. We all got better at producing plays but that didn’t mean we were never surprised by little (or more likely big) snags and gotchas and things.

Which job did I like better? I LOVED working for YAG. Bopping around all over the place doing whatever. Hanging out at office supply stores (but I don’t much miss them now). Working on stuff (database, communications, whatever) on my computer. Hanging out at rehearsals. Being The Glue. And when the summer academy was done, so was I, and I could head up to the beach and hang out for as long as I wanted to. Money? Not so much. Still, I love my systems analyst career too. I wish I had more paid time off (or even the ability to realistically take leave without pay) but I’ll take the money! And run!

I dunno how I’ll do on my performance evaluation. I hate these things with a passion but so does everyone else. They were due today and I think EVERYONE including a few managers were working on theirs today. I have a long weekend ahead of me because MLK Day. I don’t always take MLK Day off because I often would rather work that day and take a different day off later in the winter. I’m taking this MLK Day off because.

G’night, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I have MLK day off too–quelle surprise! Teachers have lots of holidays off. Not Columbus Day though, not in my district. I don’t care about being evaluated any more since I’m retiring. The admin doesn’t want me to, but I’ve decided 99.9%, Henry or no Henry. (doing another one of his disappearing acts)