Mellow yellow and Stormy Kromer hats galore

Oh don’t worry, I am not going to yammer on and on about golden showers. I didn’t even know what a golden shower was until this week. At least it wasn’t in the forefront of my conscious. Alas, whether or not the “dossier” is true, now I cannot un-think it.

Anyway, I do not think I have been over to DayTwa since September and since then Lizard Breath has moved into a new place. Which I hadn’t seen. It was time and it was a gooooood day for driving. New place? Four-flat building owned by friends who occupy one of the other flats. The folks across the street were happy to see xmas lights up on the building for the first time in something like 50 years. Yes.

I went over there partly to see her new space but also to explore the kind of shopping that’s available in Detroit in its “renaissance”. I put that word in quotes because I think that whatever is happening in Detroit means different things to different people and some may not agree with that term or may even feel displaced by it. Words are tricky…

But what I really kind of wanted to do was shop. I know. I am always ranting and railing against shopping. But I shopped at the downtown Hudson’s with The Commander when I was a kid and I was thinking I wanted to check out what kind of shopping was available in Detroit nowadays. I didn’t want to look at clothing. I order that stuff online. I was thinking houseware-type boutiques and other interesting stuff.

We found some of that stuff (and I bought a couple things) and then there was a FILSON store! Who do we know who is a Filson fan? We didn’t buy anything in there (today) but The Pensioner talked the ears off of a wonderful young female salesperson about the North Country Trail and gave her a sticker for her (dad’s?) vee-hickle and THEN ordered Lizard (who was driving us in our Outback) to go around the block so he could drop off a bunch of North Country Trail brochures. Who knows what they’ll do with those…

Next door to that was a record store. I mean vinyl, don’tcha know that all the Cool Kids are into vinyl now? KW is well beyond the years when she played records on her cheap little record player in her Superior St. bedroom and danced to the music. But, oh, I didn’t wanna go into a record store… Except this wasn’t just a record store. There were all kinds of things in there and they are in the process of setting up a vinyl record pressing musheen back in the back somewhere. And there was this Wax-o-matic musheen in there and the GG kept talking about a Wax-o-matic musheen that made gorillas in the drug store back in his youth in Royal Joke. So I asked him to make the truck or whatever it is.

This whole shopping center is in the Cass Corridor (as near as I can figure), which not too many years ago did not attract, well what do I say about that… I would not have parked my vee-hickle there and walked around. From there we went to John King books. Four floors of used books. We had some fun there but I think I will write about it during the the Hardland of the Winter. And then we tried to go to the Green Dot for a late lunch but it was an hour wait so we tried out the Huron Room. It was wonderful and then we went back to Lizard’s place and we all sat down and I knew that was a bad idea because we were all on the verge of a Sinking Spell, so I mobilized us to schlep back to The Planet Ann Arbor and and and… We have a loverly faaaar in the back room and I think we are FINALLY hungry enough to eat after the lunch we had today.

P.S. There were Stormy Kromer hats everywhere!

2 Responses to “Mellow yellow and Stormy Kromer hats galore”

  1. Sam Says:

    Great fun, John King books…although rather cold in the winter….

  2. Margaret Says:

    VINYL? Perhaps I shouldn’t get rid of Patt’s turntable then? I enjoy going into the Big City when I can get someone else to drive. Seattle or Portland are my usual destinations. 🙂