We have TOO much fun

So, if you have a blowgun, do not aim it anywhere near a window of any sort. The photoooo below is what happened last night when someone missed the target. There was a kind of weird noise and I was wondering what it was and then the whole inside window of the back doorwall cracked into a billion pieces. I dunno. Somebody else might have been upset by that. I am sorry. The damage cannot be undone but no one was hurt in this incident and all I could do was LAUGH! I couldn’t stop laughing. We will fix it.

Today was No Politics Day and it was also MLK Day so I did not go to work. We went out to Meijer before the freezing rain started. I cannot believe what a fast trip that was. The Pensioner returned a whole bunch of bottles/cans while I cruised through my own small shopping list, mainly Kleenex… I was checking out while he was cruising by with his own bit of stuff, fake logs, etc. So fast!

And then, just as we were beginning our walk downtown for lunch, the freezing rain started. I don’t think the roads were all that bad but I did NOT like the walking. But we did make it downtown and had a good lunch at the Blue Tractor. They were playing wonderful music today and when I was down in the lady’s powder room, Santana came on. I started dancing! And then I wondered if they had cams in the bathroom… Jeebus. I doubt it butchya never know in these difficult times. We love the Blue Tractor. And then we walked over to the bus station and caught the 32 home over to the west side.

We got off and hit up the Plum Market for a few bits of stuff and then walked home and vegged out for a while until our Mouse came over. We keep thinking the temperature will go up above freezing but it is taking its sweet time doing that.

2 Responses to “We have TOO much fun”

  1. jane Says:

    it is now Tuesday and I’m at work. the first step outside almost landed me on my rear. the sidewalk and even the grass were very slippery. the roads were a mix. so anyway, if you don’t have to go out right now, I would advise against it. also, cold rain – always enjoyable.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I don’t like glass breaking at all, so I would (I’m sure) overreact. 🙂 Not sure how I missed this post. My feed reader has changed its look and it’s more jumbled than I like.