My… Lovely… Morning… (%@#%^)

Stepped out the front door.

No YakTrax.

Leaned around the corner to throw some stuff in the recycle.

Test-walked a couple steps into the driveway.

IMMEDIATELY schlepped back into the Landfill to grab some YakTrax.

(Noticed that the new YakTrax that I ordered DO NOT HAVE ANY STRAPS ON THEM! Not good.)

Went back outside and slodged down the sidewalk, through the schoolyard, and down Duncan.

Turned onto Bruce.

Hello? What was that flash?

Pulled out phone weather app.


IMMEDIATELY turned around and schlepped lickety-split back around the corner, up Duncan, through the schoolyard, and home. Didn’t go through the woods…

Made it home probably 15 minutes before the storm rolled through. Radio was reporting accidents everywhere. I sent a late start email. Telecommuting until later. The Tall Boss said something like stay home all day if you want. Okay I will. (Tall Boss was also working from home.) Feel like I’m coming down with a cold virus anyway. But what a slodgy day. I don’t feel like I got anything constructive done. The GG volunteered to go to Panera for a take-out lunch. That helped. He had been planning to head north to HL to restart ice fishing at the Group Home but the weather was too grim even for him.

I took a short jaunt through the woods around noon. The temps were well above freezing at that time but I still encountered bits of free-fall as I hit patches of ice during that trip. Finally at around five, I packed it in for the day and pulled my step count up over the default 10K. NO ICE anywhere but I still found myself wary. I rarely get under 15K a day.

The pic? An aisle at John King Books. This place is a must-see if you are in the Detroit area and interested in books in any way shape or form (this JK is downtown but there are a couple others, Ferndale and I fergit where else). It took me a while to figure out that the place had FOUR WHOLE FLOORS! They all look pretty much like this. It is very dark in the side aisles and I was wondering about that but then I realized that the side aisles were lined with fluorescent overhead lights with long strings. So you turn them on while you’re looking at something and then you turn them off. I didn’t really need those lights to see book titles but I loved the concept!

At one point, I was schlepping up the stairs and I stopped to look around. A friendly employee saw me stop and when I got to the top, he asked if I had been struggling with the stairs. They have elevators there but you need to be escorted by an employee. I told him that I was a 15K-plus-a-day walker and then we compared Fitbit stats for the day.

And then I found the Hervey Allen books. We own copies of most of Hervey Allen’s books. I think they were originally my grandfather’s (beach folk are welcome to borrow them at any time!). They are good books (I have read a few) but it is the GG who is greatly interested in them. I had to snark a bit that the GG did not find those books himself but really it was pretty random that I found them. I will say that the GG aka The Pensioner can go down to John King any old day he wants to and that I bet the employees at JK know EXACTLY where the Hervey Allen books are. But not sure he’ll find anything down there that we don’t already own.

3 Responses to “My… Lovely… Morning… (%@#%^)”

  1. TMOTU Says:

    John King books may actually be one of the best old-book bookstores on earth.

    Kinda amazing and kinda sad. I think there are BIG gaps in what is possible.

    Challenge: What can anyone suggest might be the best book repositories or book stores on earth?

  2. Margaret Says:

    Yikes, I would be terrible at being careful(not used to it!). I would probably get hit by lightning! Portland has been having a struggle, but we’re all supposed to get rain now. Lots of it. Flooding. Oh, yay! Another winter issue. 🙁

  3. Pooh Says:

    There is a book store in Columbus, Ohio that is in a 3 (or 4?) story Victorian house. You get into some of the tiny side rooms, and you begin to feel like the stairs are moving, ala Hogwarts. I don’t remember the name, but it’s in the German Village neighborhood.