Death Marchin’

Oh, not me. I’m just up over 17K steps. Fitbit says 8.01 miles. I think that’s Fake News. But probably somewhere in the ballpark.

What a difference this morning though! NO SLIPPERY SPOTS ANYWHERE! NO LIGHTNING! NOTHING COMING OUTTA THE SKY! Well, maybe the gentlest of mists. When I got home, I was surprised to see that The Pensioner was up rockin’ and rollin’. Most mornings, he is kind enough to either stay in bed until I am off to work or be up and out by the time I get home from my walk. Mooma Duck needs her space in the morning. If Mooma ain’t happy ain’t nobody happy. Doing the equivalent of the sign of the cross here in case The Commander has heard/seen me use the word “ain’t” from wherever she is. And yes, I meant to say “seen”. She was always the main reader of my boring blahg of blather and sometimes I wonder if she still does read it. From the bridge of the ghost ship Edmund Fitzgerald or wherever the heck she is.

Oh yeah, I had forgotten TP had plans to head over to hike the North Country Trail by Albion. The trail is mostly road in that area but he got 22 of his 100 miles in. He didn’t arrive home until after I did… Having no clue how many miles he was planning on hiking, I was kind of wondering where he was at that point. He texted some pics in the morning but then disappeared without a trace. Turns out he walked from Albion to Homer and back and ate lunch at the Cascarelli’s in Homer. He sent the Uncly Uncle a pic of that. I did not get one. [snort] We’ll talk about his long discussion with a Trumpian type person some other time, or maybe not.

22 miles? Meh. Around six is enough for me, at least in one fell swoop. I like to be able to do *other* things after a hike. Like laundry or cooking dinner or whatever. I have participated in some looooong hikes in my time and they are fine occasionally. But still. I don’t like to hike along roads in general (I mean for long periods of time). Or railroad tracks (yes, I know that’s illegal).

Here we are at the Huron Room on Bagley in Detroit last Saturday! If you clicked over to the Huron Room website, I totally missed the BIG FISH “swimming” over the front door when we went there. But we loved this place. It isn’t Lizard’s fave because she takes after her granddaddy when it comes to fish (yick). That would be her Finfam granddaddy, not her Cfam grandpa who always kept a styrofoam container of worms and things in one of the Cfam cabin refrigerators back in the day of the beloved Moldy Old Cabin. The Huron Room had plenty of other options besides fish and I loved the bote pic and the food and the servers.

2 Responses to “Death Marchin’”

  1. TMOTU Says:

    I did 43K steps between Albion and Homer.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I haven’t been walking as much as I should! When I retire, I will need to stay much more active. 🙂