The GG is hot to be the first to get 100 miles of hiking on the North Country Trail for 2017. I think he has 49 miles already and it is only January what? I am not into 17 or 22 mile hikes. I never actually have been. Today he enlisted Mouse to do a 17 miler. I stayed home. It was okay. I kind of needed a day of Moom Alone.

The “Bus” was supposed to leave at 7:30 this AM. I think it left a wee bit later than that but so what. I got a wee brek out of it and then, what the heck did I actually do today? Beside wash the breakfast dishes (which I INSISTED on doing because dish-processing is zen therapy for me), I dunno. I picked away at my parents’ stuff a bit. Moved stuff that I got from The Commander one way or another out of an overloaded set of Cfam drawers into my grandma Margaret’s buffet. That piece of furniture is now in the Guest Bedroom. I am happy that Mouse has spoken for the buffet and so it is hers but it is here at The Landfill until she has a good place to put it.

In the process, I got rid of the checkbooks associated with my parents’ trusts. I shredded them. Even though the accounts have been closed for a long time, I am skittish. I have PTSD from when a couple of unscrupulous lawyers tried to dig into all the horrible things I did NOT do with my parents’ trusts. Unwanted hands up you-know-where is what it felt like. That is about all I am gonna say tonight except that I am hoping that someday we can all talk and remove the elephant from the room.

Beef stew tonight? Yes. And salad and garlic toasts. I thought Mouse might want to head home when she and the GG returned tonight but our loverly little Landfill was so comfy and smelled so good tonight that she stayed for dinner and is still here. So glad my adult children like to hang out here. Love.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Fun to see Mouse! Alison and I spent the evening together last night and it was great fun. (we were with Henry and his girls, but we still fit in some private laughs) I don’t like long hikes either.