Blame it on the weather

Malaise? What? You say we’ve only had three (or is it four) sunny days this January? New Year’s Day? Absolutely gorgeous. The next 29 days. Mostly gray and ugly. We’re taaaarrred of this. Tonight we were headed downtown in the Frog Hopper and I was thunderstruck to see the waxing crescent moon along with Venus and Mars heading down toward the horizon. I was starting to wonder if we would ever see any celestial entities ever again. It’s snowing to beat the band now, just like they said it would but we did get downtown for a birthday of porterization dinner tonight and the GG and I had the canard and I swear he has told me how good it was about 20,000 times and it *was* really good but…

The Earle is a gorgeous basement restaurant, kind of like a grotto almost and although it has been around as long as we have lived here on The Planet Ann Arbor, we rarely go there. I’m not sure why but probably because back when we were young we were also too poor to spend much time there. And then there were kids, etc. I think we’ll have to figure out how to put it into our restaurant “rotation” or whatever you want to call it.

I am dead taaaared and my photos are taking forever to port over from my phone so I am also quite annoyed. Is the snow somehow slowing my connection down or whut… (Er, ackshully, I think it might’ve been because I accidentally took one photoooo as a “burst”…) Anyway, check out this mechanical stuff and the stone walls.

Cork-lined booths anyone?

A glass of grappa was ordered despite a lot of groaning. I did not order it. (BTW, if you ever find yourself with an unwanted bottle of grappa, just post it on the Nextdoor Neighbor app and it’ll be gone before you know it.)

When we walked out of The Earle tonight, just a few snowflakes were falling. By the time we got literally one door down to cross the street, it was coming down like crazy. If this keeps up, we’ll be getting more than the several inches we were promised and it’ll be a late start for me tomorrow.

Typos? I dunno. I’m too taaaarred to proof. Typos be damned! G’night!

6 Responses to “Blame it on the weather”

  1. l4827 Says:

    What fun! Beatles, woo-hoo! By the way, that glass of grandpa does not look quite full! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    Back in the day… When we were in college… The Earle was a gay bar. I had to go in there at 1 a.m. because
    Back in the day… There were phone booths instead of cell phones. …and Mark’s car had died on Main Street,
    and I needed to call Harry to come pick us up. That was a memorable conversation, but I’ve hijacked your blog enough.

  3. jane Says:

    huh. had no idea the Earle used to be a gay bar. I thought you had to use the phone at The Flame. well whatever.

  4. Sam Says:

    I had grappa once. I have not been inclined to partake again. Jessayin.

  5. Margaret Says:

    Sorry for your lack of sun. Not really sure what grappa is, although it sounds like wine, which I abhor.

  6. Pooh Says:

    I might have been wrong. After all, I can’t even remember if I’m the good sister or the evil one!