Talking to the radio again, just ignore me. Yours truly, Kassandra

Stuff I did today? Hmmm… Shoveled snow. Not a lot. We got a couple inches overnight. But still.

Rearranged my herb/spice cabinet. “Combinded” some duplicates, got rid of some ancient things. So hard to keep up with that stuff, especially when dealing with supplying a summer place that needs a few essential herb/spices for a few months.

Cleaned the GG’s Squirrel Tray! It needed it. (Also in the pic is a pic of the GG’s (late) eldest brother and his girlfriend and the Corn Palace in Mitchell, Iowa.) Embiggen if you can’t read the notes on the tray.

Tried to walk in the northern side of the woods but couldn’t didn’t because there was an “unfriendly” dog in there. That was according to his owner. This dog was interesting in that “he” had BLUE EYES! I asked about that and it turns out that he is a shepherd/merle mix. German Shepherd mixes are among the dogs I do not mess with. All dogs are unpredictable but I have been known to tackle a golden retriever in order to *retrieve* a stuffed mouse from its mouth. I wouldn’t do that with a shepherd mix. I told the shepherd/merle mix owner to let her dog run. I’m not entirely happy that I, as an adjacent neighbor (she drove over in a vee-hickle) cannot walk through “my” woods any old time I want to but I understand that dogz need to run so I told his owner to let him run and I would come back to walk later. And I did. And that’s when I encountered Gretchen, who is just about my fave woods dog. Always friendly but never jumps up on anyone.

Merle… Merle… Merle… Le Merle Noir by Olivier Messiaen. A flute piece I played long ago having nothing to do with blue-eyed dogs. Le Merle Noir is French for “blackbirds”. I used to play this piece when I was still playing the flute on a regular basis. I definitely studied it in college. I loved playing the old baroque and classical stuff (Bach and Mozart, etc.) but I was *crazy* about “modern” atonal esoteric stuff. Like Le Merle Noir. It was so much fun to play. The folks in this YouTube video are much better than I ever was but I will understand if you don’t bother to click over. <3

Nice cozy faaaaar in the faaaarplace tonight. Hope y’all are having a Good Sunday too 😉

2 Responses to “Talking to the radio again, just ignore me. Yours truly, Kassandra”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My Sunday has been kind of a downer, for several reasons. I love baroque and classical, but not as much a fan of the modern atonal. 🙂

  2. l4827 Says:

    Coming back from Metzgers, another tavern of interest for us, we came home to hear tonight’s posting of a fluttering blackbird. It is different music that one is used to – creating some interesting imagination.