Hanging out in Negaunee with Sgt. Schultz

I was confused about the days of the week and the dates etc., so I was surprised when the GG had the movie Groundhog Day on when I went in to crash last night. I thought it was February 3rd already.

I LOVE the Groundhog Day movie. I have watched it a few times in my life, always on the small screen. I think I know what it is about. Heck, while The Commander was in her last days of life, I felt like I was *living* in Groundhog Day. But I guess I always fergit about some of the stuff in the movie, like how he tries to kill himself a few times (but always wakes up when the clock flips over to 6:00 AM). Or when he destroys the alarm clock.

I tried to watch Groundhog Day last night but they kept interrupting it for long boring commercials and the GG would flip over to Hogan’s Heroes (which I also love). And then *that* would get interrupted for a commercial so he would flip back to Groundhog Day and there would *still* be a commercial, so he would try something else and and and… I could not follow any of this stuff and try as I might, I ended up crashing out without seeing the end of either show.

Can I tell a story about The Commander and hats? npJane reminded me of it. Back in late 2011, The Commander was living in Freighter View assisted living (and not very happy about it!) and she was fussing about hats. It was getting to be winter and she thought she needed a hat. I knew there were winter hats up the wazoo at her house up on Dillon but, for whatever reason, I couldn’t roust an appropriate one up so I ordered her a nice Smartwool toque or whatever you want to call it from REI or somewhere.

Alas, after xmas of that year, she ended up in the hoosegow again and this time it didn’t seem like she would make it out. npJane came up and spent a bit of time there with me and it was winter in Sault Ste. Siberia and she needed a HAT! I thought something like what the heck, The Comm is probably not gonna use that smartwool hat and if she *does* need a hat, I’ll just go over to Barish Brothers and get her a new one. So I gave the hat to npJane.

Wouldn’t you know, The Commander surfaced at one point to ask, “Where is my hat?” npJane was with me in her hoosegow room and we both kind of jumped and scrambled when we heard that. Ooooops… I told my mom that her hat was safely over at Freighter View and she didn’t need it at the Hoosegow (yes, I lied (or did I provide an alternative fact?)). I signaled to npJane that she could keep the hat.

The Commander never mentioned the hat again. npJane still has it and I know that The Commander would want that.

Busy weekend ahead. Farmers market tomorrow morning (in c-c-c-cold temps), chores to do, lasagnes to make, work to do “on the clock” in order to take a long weekend next week without using PTO. Love y’all, KW!

One Response to “Hanging out in Negaunee with Sgt. Schultz”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the hat story! I have never seen Groundhog Day, but used to watch HH all the time. So inappropriate, yet hilarious.