Spiky winter

My iPhone weather app proclaimed minus 1 when I woke up this morning. I didn’t really believe it. I figgered it was an Airport Temperature. The Landfill Chitchen indoor/outdoor thermometer confirmed that actually it was more like 12 above. So I suited up and hiked down to the farmers market, where, despite the cold, a handful of very jolly folks were there selling produce and other stuff. Most of those folks had portable heaters and there was actually a lot of traffic. Planet Ann Arbor folks love their farmers market. Victoria of Protective Fish was not there. I think she has decamped to Crazy Old Fla for the month.

I bought potatoes, onions, and lettuce (yes!) and stuff from the seafood and meat markets and then I got home and remembered that the lettuce lady had spinach. I am making some lasagnes this weekend and one of them will be veggie and why I didn’t remember that while I was down there and buy some I do not know, fer kee-reist. The GG actually drove back down later in the morning and got me a bag of spinach. Thank you!

Anyway, it was very cold this morning but by the time we walked downtown for lunch at the Griz, it was heading up into the upper 20s and over the next few days, it’s supposed to warm up [again] until they are threatening us with rain on Tuesday. That’s how this winter has been. Teens and 30s and single digits and 40s and 20s and 50s (yes) and whatever.

We took the bus home today. I had a lot of things on my agenda and one of them was the Plum Market and so we grabbed the 32A and got off right at the Plum. I think they call it the Dexter/Maple stop. I have never ridden the bus all that much and so I am trying to internalize how to do it. Being a hands-on learner, that meant that I *paid* for my own ride today ($1.50) and pulled the string to signal that we wanted to get off. My kids are probably laughing at me since they both have experience with riding the bus.

The bus now has a run or two to Avis Farms, which is where Cubelandia is. I have worked at Cubelandia for almost 10 years. This is the first year I have ever seen a bus driving around Avis Farms. That is really cool but I will probably not start taking a bus to Cubelandia any time soon. For one thing, apparently I would have to do TWO transfers. I am not sure I can handle even one transfer. For another thing, I like my eight-mile Zen Drive over to Cubelandia and sometimes I do errands on the way there and/or back. And then there’s the bottom line, which is that if I cannot get to Cubelandia under my own power, I can always telecommute from wherever I am.

That sun this morning? Bring it on!

2 Responses to “Spiky winter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love your dedication in spite of the weather! We have MORE snow predicted for Sunday and Monday and you know how I feel about that. Bah!

  2. Sam Says:

    In my humble experience, the bus is ever so much more fun when you can pay with your phone!