100 miles?

Yeah, okay. About yesterday. It was a first world problem albeit laced with Ominous Orange Oligarchical Overtones. You do not want to know the details. The Fin/C-fam folk love each other unconditionally and greatly respect the opinions of members of our younger generations.

But maybe there was also something in the air because see next paragraph. At any rate, I slept like crap as in, woke up at that Batscope Hour and never really did get back to sleep. Was just drifting off when my alarm went off. It’s okay. Insomnia isn’t a big problem for me and I can deal with a restless night here and there.

The Tall Boss was a little late today. We have a cozy little Monday morning meeting with her, just a little catch-up, what the heck are we working on, what are the next steps, who/what is holding us up. Sometimes it gets canceled if there’s nothing to talk about. But she did arrive, bearing the news that the CRD had been in a car accident. She was getting off the I94 18-wheel Slogway and observed that there was an accident up at the end of the exit ramp. A familiar-looking vee-hickle was in the accident and, yes, when she got close, she saw that it was indeed the CRD’s vee-hickle so she stopped to see if she could offer any assistance. Thankfully it was not serious. No one was injured although the CRD was apparently even grumpier than usual, so her main take-away was to tell the Benevolent Despot that he would be late.

Things improved dramatically from there and a scheduled presentation that I had to do this afternoon went so well that the Benevolent Despot actually called for applause. I sincerely hope pride does not goeth before a fall.

So, can I post that the GG has finished his 100 miles of hiking on the North Country Trail for 2017? He was leaving the neighborhood in the Ninja at 0-skunk-30 as I was returning from my walk. He apparently walked from Albion to Marshall and back. If I have it right, he walked close to 30 miles today. Oh, here he is, backing into the driveway. I’ll ask. Today’s total? 28 miles. NCT total for 2017? 106. Okay, I think this guy gets a freezer ‘hattan. After he takes a shower 😉

And our Mouse came over here tonight to return a vacuum cleaner and help us eat leftovers. Love.

2 Responses to “100 miles?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Congrats to the GG! Too many miles for me. Also congrats on your presentation. Take credit for doing an excellent job. If I know you at all, you won’t let it go to your head. 🙂

  2. Pooh Says:

    All that hiking has made the GG look as skinny as a rail. 😉