Drain the swamp, please!

I mean my own personal swamp, the one that is currently behind The Landfill, not anyone in the government and not the folks at my job. Because jeebus, another long-time *beloved* colleague is retiring and boy oh boy, does he deserve retirement but I will MISS HIM! I was not at Cubelandia when the scuttlebutt hit my street so when W1.5 came over to tell me that I was being added as a butters representative, I thought something like, “Okay, fine.” Then he started talking about transferring his membership and I was like, “Aren’t you staying on butters?” Well, no. He is leaving. I didn’t scream “NOOOOoooooo!” like I did when the Queen Bee told me she was retiring but the sentiment was the same. And then I yelled over the wall to FZ that he better not be entertaining any similar notions even though I know he is although I don’t think he has any imminent plans.

I’ll save any further thoughts of W1.5 until his retirement actually happens, which will be approximately a few weeks from now. Sometimes I can’t believe I have been at that place for going on 10 years now. I took this job as a student intern and as my internship was ending, I was astounded (or maybe not…) that they offered me a full time job. W1.5 has worked there MANY years longer than I have. I am not ready to retaaaar yet even though I live with The Pensioner and sometimes it *kills* me that he can go traveling around and I can’t because I have to work. I will say that if the Benevolent Despot retires, I will be outta there but I doubt he will, at least before I do, given that he is not really anywhere near close to retaaaaarment age. College kids, etc.

So, drain the swamp? I knew the little trail in the little woods behind my house would be fuuuuugly this afternoon, after a day of warm temps and heavy rain. When I got to this part of the loop, I had to turn around. Ain’t no way I was gonna get through that without getting wet up to my ankles. A good thing? No erderators alligators in there. And it isn’t warm enough for moe-skee-toes.

2 Responses to “Drain the swamp, please!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Hold the skeeters! (Tooooooooooo soon!)

  2. Margaret Says:

    We are swampy now too! The lots of snow melted and then heavy rains came in. I am retiring, with very mixed feelings. But I don’t want to work until I die.