Sunrise to sunrise, the five stages of grief, and Zen Lasagna

Dawn, Friday morning, 7:30 AM or so. M14 north of the Planet Ann Arbor, Barton Drive exit coming up but we hung a louie and went north.

Red sky at night, sailor’s delight. Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning? Two hours after I took this pic we were just north of Bay City and snow started swirling on the freeway in front of us. Right around that time, I was gripped by a feeling of dread and it was not (totally) about the snow driving I knew was only going to get worse. With much trepidation, I asked the driver, “Did you pack the lasagna?” A moment of Dead Silence from the driver’s seat, then, “No.”

Oh dear. We were on the docket to provide dinner for our North Country Trail friends at the Tahquamenon Falls DNR lodge on Sunday night. I had painstakingly put together two supreme lasagnas last weekend, one veggie, one not so much. I assembled them into tin foil pans and the GG eased them into our freezer, which is just a weeeee bit narrower than the pans. As I was puttering around packing that morning, I kept thinking I needed to get those things out of the freezer and put them by the door so we didn’t forget them. Guess what? I didn’t. Guess what? We forgot them.

I don’t know who felt worse. The GG had been thinking of packing them into the Frog Hopper the night before. It was plenty cold enough to let them sit there overnight. We went through the proverbial five (?) stages of grief in about 30 seconds. The GG thought (for a split second) that we could GO BACK AND GET THEM!!!! (NOOOOOOO!). Or maybe “somebody” would be driving north and Mouse could help that person get them out of the Landfill. North to Tahquamenon from the Planet Ann Arbor? Who? Huh? At the end of the 30 seconds of grief stages, we had both reached the final stage (acceptance, right?) and he voiced what I was thinking, “We could, uh, buy some new ingredients and you could, uh, make more when we get up there…” I already had a grocery list going inside my head, so I put it on my phone… 🐸

So that is what we did, more or less. Our buddies laughed the lasagna fiasco off, telling us about all the times they have forgotten important things. There was a lot of food there and we weren’t sure for a while if we would even need a lasagna, let alone two. In the end, I made *one*. I decided to spend Sunday morning at the lodge while the Twinz of Terror led others on a death march. I spent some quality time with a few others who opted to stay home for the morning snowshoe expotition and I greatly enjoyed puttering around in the well-equipped lodge kitchen making lasagna. I figured if we didn’t eat it for dinner, I would freeze it and take it home and hopefully somebody besides the GG and I would check the freezer for forgotten items before we closed the lodge up in the morning so we didn’t FORGET IT! Zen Times. (The GG and I did go out in the afternoon and it was gorgeous and I’ll share the few pics I took later in the week.)

In the end, we did bake my Zen Lasagna and we ate ALL of it except for a wee squidgy bit that I schlepped home in a ziplock bag.

Sunrise, this morning, around 8:00 AM, driving east toward Paradise (and cell service) on M123. Breakfast with our NCT buddies at the Berry Patch, then southward bound.

Lasagna party on The Planet Ann Arbor sometime soon? I have two!

5 Responses to “Sunrise to sunrise, the five stages of grief, and Zen Lasagna”

  1. isa Says:

    Count me in!

  2. Sam Says:

    Hey, if we lived closer, I’d offer to bring a couple-a bottles-a red wine! Your lasagnas are fantabulous.

  3. Jay Says:

    I’ll be there in March if it is still frozen

  4. jane Says:

    I think Liz may have invited me over…
    forgotten items – forgot my kayak paddle once – luckily it was just for an evening on the Huron so could hurry home and get it. Forgot my sleeping bag once for a long weekend paddle trip to the Slippery Rock River. luckily the guys who owned a boy scout camp ground had an extra for me. and even luckier one of my friends had a flannel sheet I could put inside that sleeping bag because… boy scouts. 😉

  5. Margaret Says:

    I HATE forgetting anything. So, it would take a while for me to let go of this, but it sounds like it worked out fine. 🙂