Up in the land of the ice and snow with the snow cobras

I won’t go on with the old Led Zep song because we don’t [quiiiiite] have the midnight sun at our latitude and there are definitely no hot springs in the yooperland that I know of. Most winters there is snow, snow, and more snow. This winter was a wee bit slow on the snow for quite a long time but the eastern yooperland has been getting dumped on in recent weeks so here are a handful of lightly-captioned (or not) pics from our trip to Tahquamenon last weekend.

That was the GG underneath an elegant arch and next up is what a fellow NCT friend calls “snow cobras” if I’m remembering accurately.

We were hiking at the Upper Falls in the last two pics. In the next, we are hiking down to the Lower Falls.

And there is the Lower Falls, big as life. What you can see of it with that big snow thing in the way there on the right. We were talking to another couple at that point. They were stopping for a whine break and I asked the GG where our little snort was. Alas, it was back at the car or the lodge or wherever. I interrupted the usual talk about how [some of] my ancestors were Canadian. Please let me divulge information about meeeeee as I see fit.

Here is an accidental pic of one of my snowshoes. That pink blur is *not* a skirt. It is my ski jacket. It wasn’t very cold that day (28?) but my friend Joan talked me into wearing a “shell” in case I got wet via snow (or rain like the mess that was going on south of the Big Mac around that time). I was wearing black leggings over tights with smart wool socks.

A quick shot of the lodge we stayed at with our NCT friends. It was originally built for a DNR person to inhabit with a family but nowadays they rent it out. It is very well equipped and clean. The pic is from my vantage point on the couch, which is my preferred spot to sleep. If you know Froggy, you might see him on the right there. He made a new friend over the weekend!

The last pic is the big snowbank next to the Frog Hopper in Paradise yesterday morning. We cleaned and closed up the lodge and met for breakfast at the Berry Patch before we all headed home, most to various places in the eastern yooperland or northern lower, us to Southeast Trollandia.

P.S. Have you misled anyone lately? This is a joke of sorts and isn’t directed toward anything going on with current 2017 polly-ticks except for a bit of deja vu. Just lemme know if you get the joke 🐸. (Hint: You would have to know my parents at a certain era to get this.)

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t get the joke, although I’m sure I should. That’s a LOT of snow!!