All aboooooard!

I keep overhearing people ask W1.5 what he’s going to do when he retires, which is next week. I know that it’s a fair question but I feel for him because, as he keeps saying, he doesn’t have a specific plan. I know about this, at least vicariously, through the GG’s “retirement”, which has been going on for about 10 months now.

Today I suggested an activity that W1.5 could do in his retirement. My tongue was firmly in cheek because I *know* W1.5 is not going to do this thing. So… First, you drive down to the train station (Amtrak goes through here). You take the train over to Battle Creek (look it up on Google). You walk from Battle Creek to Augusta. (I’m kind of afraid to ask how many miles that is.) You eat lunch somewhere and you walk back to Battle Creek. You take the train back to the Planet Ann Arbor. (Hopefully you won’t fall asleep on the train and miss your stop.) No, W1.5 will not be doing that. We both knew that. And we gnoffed about it.

When my old coot retired back in about 1980, The Commander was still working (as a high school teacher), and I remember her telling me that he was walking at least 10 miles a day. He had a buddy to walk/ski with in those days. Alas, that man died way earlier than my old coot did. I have not “married my dad” but I seem to have married a guy who likes to hike and drive around on the back roads just about anywhere. Like my dad did. So there are some similarities.

And so this morning, this vee-hickle was parked in a weird way outside my house. I wasn’t sure what was going on at first. I took my walk and the vee-hickle was still there and then I noticed that the taaaaars were kinda backed up against the curb. I think this vee-hickle rolled during the night.

And so now I am kinda wanting to take a train trip. But where? Maybe Chicago. We’ll see…

4 Responses to “All aboooooard!”

  1. Sam Says:

    The first US “real” train (not subway) I took was east out of Chicago. I thought it weaved an awful lot, but at our first stop (Michigan City?)—staff moved us to a different car & the buzz was that there were problems with the wheel-trucks…and, sure enough, on the new car, smooth ride. And so I learned about defective carriages…. This train went on to Canada and some cars were supplied by the USA and others by Canada…. I’m sure I’m not remembering important facts; that was a looooooong time ago. LvU.KW

  2. Pooh Says:

    A2 to CHI is a fun trip. My folks used to take the am train over, have lunch, then visit the Chicago Institute of Art on whatever day had free admission, then take the pm train back on the same day.

  3. jane Says:

    HA! I know that car, the current owners and the previous owner. 😉 looks like the parking brake wasn’t fully set or something.

  4. Margaret Says:

    I am hoping to find lots of things to do in my retirement, hopefully healthy stuff like hiking and walking. That will balance out the eating out and beer drinking. 😉