I ain’t no boy scout and I ain’t gonna dress like one

I got home today to a barrage of questions. You have that red plaid skirt, right? [Actually I have two.] And that red plaid jacket. [The one I was wearing today.] And you can sew, right? [Affirmative although I am on a BIGTIME hiatus.] So you can sew a North Country Trail patch onto your red plaid skirt(s)/jacket?

What the heck? Well, we are gearing up for one of my fave events, the Quiet Water(s?) Symposium, which happens next weekend over at the MooU Pavilion. And the GG seems to be thinking I need to dress up like a poster girl for the Red Plaid Nation. NOT SO FAST! I am not what you would call a Fashion Plate but I do have my standards.

1) I *will* be wearing *one* of my red plaid skirts. It’ll be the biz-caz one that is tailored and lined.

2) Everything else I will be wearing will be black. Except for my red shoes.

3) I will *not* be sewing any kind of patch onto my red plaid skirt or any other article of clothing, even temporarily.

4) I will *not* be wearing my red plaid jacket with my red plaid skirt. Why? Well, duh, because the plaids are totally different. Corollary: I would *never* buy a matching red plaid skirt and jacket. I wear my red plaid articles of clothing one at a time with black basics. Black is my best friend.

5) I will *never* wear a Stormy Kromer hat but that wasn’t one of the questions.

I am not the most extroverted “booth babe” you’ve ever encountered. I don’t stand there and stick my face out and say, “Hi, would you like to know about the North Country Trail?” But I love the trail and the friends I have made since we’ve been involved with it and I love to talk to the people who stop at our table if/when they have questions. So, if you want to come and visit us at the QWS, I’ll be the gal in black with the red plaid skirt.

One Response to “I ain’t no boy scout and I ain’t gonna dress like one”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Your outfit sounds wonderful! I love plaid. (perhaps because I’m Scottish?)