Lamb or lion take yer pick

March came in spiky like the rest of our winter has been. Warm temps and thunderstorms last night (Feb. 28) and more thunderstorms early in the morning. Temps were still warm and continued to be that way throughout my walk and most of the morning. Then the wind blew up and it will drop into the 20s(?) overnight tonight and maybe some snow but I am not going to fret about that possibility. I got home from work and there was *not* an adequate supply of orange juice. I *forced* myself out into the wind to walk over to the Plum Market to get more orange juice. I needed to do that.

We had a rather difficult day at work today. I cannot describe it except that in one meeting I was in, we went off on tangents about, lemme see, getting drunk doing the lime-tequila thing that most people do in college and goofy iPhone ringtones (you don’t wanna know) and I fergit what else. At the end of that meeting I, who tried to at least keep my brain on an even keel, had enough information to move forward. After a later meeting, one of the tangent-goers complained that he’d had too many caffeinated soda drinks today. Oh, that explains it.

I blame the whole thing on W1.5. Today was his retaaaarrrment luncheon. He specified the cake (Zingerman’s carrot cake) and the Benevolent Despot took that hint and provided Zingerman’s sandwiches, etc.

I am gonna miss W1.5. He has been one of the more valuable folks at my work as we transitioned a legacy system to the web world. But I’ll see him in the neighborhood. I saw his wife this morning. We both walk at 0-skunk-30. It wasn’t long after I began working with W1.5 that we figured out that I knew his wife from walking. Also that his son and our older daughter were in the same “advisory” in our beloved alternative middle school.

When I first got my full time job over there, I struggled a bit because I didn’t have a whole lot to do at first. W1.5 tried to help me understand that that was typical for a systems analyst working for our product. After all these years (almost 10!), I have earned the informal title of SME (subject matter expert). I certainly understand how things work and why there are “slow” times. I have also learned to use the “slow” times to catch up with maintenance work, etc.

Miss you W1.5 but seeya around the neighborhood!

2 Responses to “Lamb or lion take yer pick”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love all the connections we make when we stay in the same area/job. I have so many memories with friends and colleagues whose kids went to school with mine, or did sports with Alison or with whom I connected in various community organizations. It’s great!

  2. jane Says:

    tequila shots in college? well, what about after having a real job? I’m just saying. college for me was mostly about beer. I’ll still do a tequila shot if prodded. 😉 and I have a lovely bottle of Patron right now that I sip when I feel a cold coming on. a friend who lived in Mexico City for a few years told me it works – I’m game!

    as for the weather, my door mat was wet when I got home yesterday and blown off the porch. so I picked it up and dutifully set it down in front of the door. the high winds continued and this morning it is folded in half, but now frozen that way. gotta love the many moods of Michigan!