Don’t look now but a man is sneaking up behind you with a doorbell

No, it’s not the guy on the couch in the Man Cave in the pic. Woops. Don’t notice that guy. Nothing to see here. Move along.

First, yesterday we lost W1.5 (to retirement!). He was a very valuable employee and probably one of our eldest employees. We will miss him.

Today I got into work and heard the Benevolent Despot say, “When is your last day?” to Building Mom. Building Mom is going on a cruise for the next week and I tried to believe that I missed the last part of the sentence, “before your vacation”. Alas, we are going to lose Building Mom too. She is probably one of our youngest employees and she is leaving not because there has been an “incident” or whatever but because she has decided that she needs to focus more on getting her bachelor’s degree. We ALL support her in that endeavor although we will *greatly* miss this young Force of Nature. As we have experienced previously, it is not easy to find someone to handle that job. I wouldn’t want it… And that’s why I was nervous about the doorbell.

The last time we lost a good Building Mom, we ended up with a period of time during which I and a few others manned Building Mom’s desk on a sorta rotating basis. I was not very good at it. Louie-Louiiiii was maybe too good at it. We are facing another of those periods of time and I do not want to sit over there again. Like other professional IT folks I work with, we are all willing to do stuff that isn’t strictly in our job description from time to time. I sat over in that office once in a pinch. I do not want to do it again. So, when the guy with the doorbell snuck up behind me, I was skeptical. But no, he just wanted to make sure that me and my neighbors could hear the doorbell he was installing across the road from my cube. So that when someone comes to the door, they can ring the doorbell and *someone* will “help” them whether or not they know what they are doing… … …

And so I did hear it when he tested it. Fortunately there is another doorbell installed at the other end of my street.

One Response to “Don’t look now but a man is sneaking up behind you with a doorbell”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds stressful. I hate stepping into other teachers’ classes if they can’t find a sub. I feel like I don’t know what in the heck I’m doing, which I don’t. Many skills don’t transfer. 😉