Channeling Bucky Beaver in Spartyland

When I woke up at 0-skunk-30 this morning, it was to hear The Pensioner clearly speak the words “Bucky Beaver”. In his sleep. I will not even begin to try to ‘splain that one except to ask you to please not let your mind stray into the gutter. He was having processing dreams about real beavers, the aminal kind, the ones with big flat tails who build damns dams out in the wetlands.

Anyway, I walked through campus this morning during the magic hour and Sparty was well lit by the rising sun so I got a halfway decent pic of him. Even though I attended this mega-university back in the Jurassic Age, I didn’t really register exactly where Sparty resided until last year.

I am absolutely, positively certain beyond any shred of a doubt that this sidewalk artifact directly in front of Sparty did not exist when I was in attendance here.

I did not do a selfie. I continued on along the Red Cedar River until I got to Farm Lane and then I hung a right and walked on down to the pavilion to meet up with my North Country Trail friends. Before I entered the main display area, I whipped into a phone booth toilet stall and swapped out my ugly old black leggings (hey, it was COLD out this morning!) for my #redplaidnation skirt. I guess the next pic is a selfie of a sort.

That’s about all I have tonight because after a day of being a “booth babe”, I am dead taaared. Even though I didn’t have to work very hard at booth-babing this year because Bob and Pat and Greg and Tom and Ken and the GG (who talked everyone’s ears off all day) did the heavy lifting and I could pretty much be introverted if I wanted to. A few other highlights? Our booth and at least two presenters (and various East Lansing area establishments) were porterized and then my Mac uber-cousin Teri materialized and we had a quick but loverly visit and walk-about and we got to say hello to her daughter at college on her iPhone. I wish I’d had the presence of mind to get a photo of her and talk to her more about our family and tell her about the time I met up with our mutual cousin Maija, etc. We will *have* to get together this summer. That is all.

Oh, I guess I have enough energy to talk about the puzzle tonight. This puzzle.

This is the third year we have put this puzzle out at our booth. Each of the first two years it got done eventually. A lot of people are interested in it and a few people put a couple pieces together. Occasionally we get a person or group who does some serious work on it. This year someone put the perimeter together and then it languished for quite a while. I picked at it a bit to try to get it started and then somebody did a whole bunch of it and then I returned from a presentation and it was *done*. And then a little kid dismantled it… But then… Miraculously, it got put together AGAIN! The hands in the photo belong to the folks who finished it the second time. Once again, no pieces have gone missing!!!

G’night. We seem to be switching back and forth from Harry Potter to some “golf” “comedy” with Adam Sandler who I know next to nothing about…

One Response to “Channeling Bucky Beaver in Spartyland”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Very interesting NCT’s Hiawatha Shore to Shore booth. Great people there. Saw firsthand the newly installed Eastern Upper Peninsula’s ‘beaver deceiver’ near Paradise Michigan.

    Great QWS!!