Froggy(ies) go(es) to the Quiet Water Symposium

This is not Froggy. This is his identical twin, purchased via eBay a number of years after I obtained Froggy at Meijer (that is the ugliest aminal I’ve ever seen, said the young male checkout person). Froggy himself was snoozing away under our table. He was taaaarred. We did get him out eventually when our cousin Teri arrived.

Here’s my Boardman River jigsaw puz the *first* time someone put the perimeter together. I actually think the same person did it the second time too. She was next door with the NCT Jordan 45 group. Note our collection of (mostly) turkey feathers and a bunch of skulls and bones that used to hang in The Indefatigable aka our 1992 Jeep Wrangler.

My old coot’s bearpaw snowshoes (and I think those are his boots too?) always make an appearance at the QWS.

I *randomly* managed to capture a couple of things in the next pic. One was the Mackinac Bridge on our TV slide show. The other is that the GG took a page from another (Canadian) group from previous years, and we covered our tables with Hudson Bay blankets, including the red one that was my Baby Blanket.

These three guys are some of the folks that make the world go ’round. Missing are Stan and Kay who had some car/road issues that defy description and didn’t make it this year. Boy did we miss them.

Froggy and Froggy have some other friends, Fawn, Baby Moose, and Bucky Beaver. And yes, there’s a Stormy Kromer hat up there on that hiking pole.

Finally, here we all are. This is our Hiawatha Shore-to-shore group plus a North Country Trail official.

These folks are all wonderful friends and I love them dearly. Bob and Pat, Greg, Tom, and Ken. What I didn’t post was the pics that showed all three North Country Trail groups that had booths at this year’s QWS together. Jordan 45 and Chief Noonday. We are starting to connect with other NCT chapters in a positive way.

One Response to “Froggy(ies) go(es) to the Quiet Water Symposium”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great photos and friends! It seems like a wonderful and bonding activity. 🙂