Oh, not because of the power outage. That actually ended for us last night. I posted it on facebook but neglected to put it on my Vanity Blahg. Today? Up at 5:30. Walked. Worked all day, involving lots of convoluted thinking through stuff. Walked downtown. Dinner. Play (Twelfth Night, Mouse-Viola). Had the foresight to get the Frog Hopper parked downtown so we wouldn’t have to walk home in frigid temps at this late hour. Now gonna shut down and hope I can hit the rack before I get the dreaded Second Wind.

G’night, KW

2 Responses to “Exhaustion!”

  1. Sam Says:

    So glad you’re powered and powerful again….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I somehow missed this entry. Blogloving has been wonky lately. Glad you have your power back!! It sounded like you were managing well; I would not.