Tales from the first world

We do sometimes lose lucky-shuckial power here in the First World. It’s a world in which we (since xmas) own a generator and can therefore power various lucky-shuckial things in our house. We have city water (aka, not well water) so, with our gas water heater, we have hot water on demand. That means that KW can take a shower every single morning and whenever else she feels like it. Not being able to take a shower would be a deal breaker for KW and if we had not had water last week, yer fav-o-rite blahgger would have prob’ly decamped to Weber’s Inn or more likely, since Weber’s filled up PDQ, the Cfam cabin at Houghton Lake. Working from home, will be back when the power comes back on. But we did have hot water at the Landfill throughout and since we had power at work, that was a respite of sorts.

We have been living in this place for over 30 years and we have endured only a few power outages of more than a handful of hours. In the last year or so, power outages have become more frequent, enough so that we bought a generator as a xmas gift to ourselves.

Ours is not a whole-house generator that flips on automatically when the power goes off. We have to start it manually and feed it with gasoline and hook it up to whatever appliances or systems you want working. We chose (1) the furnace blower, (2) the refrigerator, and (3) a power strip that we could charge various devices with. We were warm and comfortable the entire 34 hours of our outage (and we had hot running water). We were glad when the power came back on but we were having fun while it lasted.

The first day the power was out, we walked over to the neighborhood Knight’s for dinner. It was slammed with people from the neighborhood that didn’t have power.

Came back and lit candles.

Being without power is a lot different with screens (and a generator!) than it once was and here is the GG reading a dense text about the 1917 Russian Revolution via a headlamp. We had a lot more light than the usual candles.

Here is our generator powered device charging station.

And then the power came back on.

That was Thursday night. We had a lot of warm weather in January and February and I kept thinking something like, “March is gonna slam us”. So far, I think I have been correct. In particular, I hope that the weather in the Yooperland has settled down a bit. I heard it was nasty yesterday.

Love y’all. KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I should probably invest in a generator, although I would be hesitant about running it or hooking up anything correctly. Hmm. Is it easy?