March madness

Beautiful beautiful beautiful weather to start out this day. I walked in the dark under the waning gibbous moon this morning and the sun was brilliant on the way to work. Ooooogly, ooooogly, oooogly weather to end the day. Driving home was okay although the big fat snowflakes that were melting before they hit the pavement when I left work turned into I’m not quite sure what but it made noise and left icy stuff on the road about a third of the way home.

It was just warm enough that the roads (the surface roads at least) were not slippery but when I got home it looked like this out my front door.

There was actually a beeceeclette going by in the street when I took this pic but I cannot see it in there for the life of me. I did see the taaaaar track when I finally dragged myself out the door. That took some doing but I finally put my YakTrax onto a pair of Keen sandals and layered my rain jacket over my turtleneck sweater and vest and Zippy the Pinhead balaclava and trudged off. It wasn’t too bad except for the noisy precipitation. With YakTrax I could at least stride along with confidence. Halfway downtown I received a text message asking how the sidewalks were. Bad!

I expected the Oscar Tango to be slammed tonight because St. Patrick’s Day and it was although I doubt it was quite as slammed as Conor O’Neill’s pub. The other weird text message I got today was “Bring Froggy in green outfit”. I took that to mean his green tutu, which Garage Sale Pengy was currently wearing, so I dressed Froog up and schlepped him downtown in my backpack and here is our loverly Irish amphibious friend making buggly eyes at our beautiful Irish Polish friend. Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, roight?

The sidewalks were still slick when we left the OT so once again, we cadged a ride of porterization. We have been home at The Landfill for a while now and I am about done and there’s the farmers market early tomorrow. I wonder if I’ll need YakTrax or not. I sure hope not.

One Response to “March madness”

  1. l4827 Says:

    O’ gork, O’ gork! Top of the evening to ya!

    May you always be green and amphibious.