No words…

When I got up this morning it didn’t look it was snowing outside. By the time I was getting myself ready to schlep down to the farmers market (it was around 7:15, it opens at 8 throughout the winter until May), snow was coming down pretty hard. I always text the GG when I get down to Seventh Street. That’s his cue to start driving downtown to meet me at the market. Today I could not text him. When I got to Seventh Street, the snow was coming down so hard that I struggled even to type the six digits that open my phone. I would get the first digit in there and then some snow would land on my phone and the surface would be too wet to let me enter any other digits. This is what it looked like at Seventh Street this morning.

Can you see that snow coming down? I finally managed to turn in a direction *away* from the snow (sort of) and I got the phone unlocking code in there and then *calling* the GG was easier than trying to type a text message because I only had to touch the phone twice, once to open the phone app and the other to call the GG.

You would wonder if anyone would even show up at the farmers market on a snowy March morning but it was pretty much hopping and people were as cheerful as all getout. My sequin-laced bomber hat often attracts attention all on its own but today a couple of folks were pointing and laughing! it turned out that I had a bunch of snow on top of my hat. The GG took an ugly of me and here it is and I was proud enough of that snow to make it my facebook profile pic.

We had some good snow throughout the morning but eventually the temperature climbed enough above freezing that snow was not sustainable and at the end of the day, it is something like 36 degrees and almost all of the snow we got this morning is gone.

3 Responses to “No words…”

  1. Sam Says:

    Not an Ugly. Jessayin.

  2. Jay Says:

    Guess I will bring my boots

  3. Margaret Says:

    I saw this when I was in Southern Cal and showed it to my daughter. We both decided that it was very pretty, but that we didn’t want it. 🙂