Random blue decadence

My work laptop has been calling my name all weekend. I succumbed to its call yesterday. Today I could not quite get there. We slodged around the Landfill aaaalllll morning and finally took a Ninja Ride out onto the little roads west of here. The GG turned toward home earlier than I kind of wanted him to but then he asked if I wanted to participate in a wee bit of Sunday Afternoon Decadence. Well, sure, and after some discussion, we ended up downtown at the Planet Ann Arbor’s Irish pub Conor O’Neills.

We found a place to sit on stools next to one of the old Planet Ann Arbor post office components that Conor O’Neills has incorporated into its decor. If you sit at one of these things, you have to go up to the bar to get served. But that works very well, especially with the bartender we dealt with today. Of course I gave her a decent tip.

Anyway, while we were there, there was one o’ them thar March Madness basketball games on TV. I know that those games are going on but I really don’t pay attention to them. So, when people were making a lot of noise, I wasn’t paying attention. I was probably looking at facebook. But then, on facebook, npJane made a post about the bball game. It was down to the waaaaar at that point and then Umich won.

So I saw the Umich bball team win on facebook. I am not a sports fan in general but Umich is the Home Team here on The Planet Ann Arbor so I always root for the home team. I am glad they won. And I am also glad that the eastern Yooperland apparently had temperatures in the 50s today. With sun. Love all of my friends who live up there. You needed that!

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