Hash Bash XLVI

No we did not attend the Hash Bash. I have *never* attended the Hash Bash. Don’t get me wrong. I am all for legalization of cannabis and always have been. That said, I will never go near the stuff. It doesn’t “sit well” with me. And yes, I have tried it. Most people my age have. You really couldn’t get through college in those days without being exposed to it. Anyway, I didn’t attend the Hash Bash today (again) but we walked downtown for a mac-n-cheese lunch at at the Griz and our little city was SLAMMED this afternoon and I have seen enough cannabis plant leggings (and smelled enough pot) to last me for the rest of my life.

Let’s digress for a bit to The Pensioner’s latest prodject. This fancy seat will live on the bank just above the moominbeach. It will be painted in the same color as the moomincabin deck. (Red)

It did get porterized last night.

The plan today (my plan, after farmers market and the usual Saturday chores plus) was to walk downtown for lunch and take the bus home. Yer fav-o-rite blahgger thought that taking the bus back would provide some extra time and energy to do some pre-vacay chores and maybe even hop onto her work laptop… None of that worked out. The Hash Bash plus beautiful warm sunny weather caused extreme gridlock downtown, which meant that our own 32A bus took forever to pick us up at the Blake Transit Center.

Once the 32A was finally able to pick us up, our trip home to the Plum Market was quick. And we got *blood orange* juice there, so yay! But then we both kind of crashed, each in our own way, and I did not open my work laptop at all… I hope I will be happy with that in the long run.

It was warm and sunny today but we only hit the 50s so I suited up to sit out on the south side of The Landfill in the late afternoon today. I love that Becquet (next door) and her friend from down the street have parked their lawnmowers in my yard.

BTW, Becquet’s moom is seriously considering a run for the Michigan state house. She’s one of them thar scientist-type women (she’s finishing or maybe done with her phd (and had a child in the middle of it all)) who is running for office. I told her, “You Go Girl!” and I said I would put a sign in my yard for her if she gets to that point. The last time I put a polly-tickle sign in my yard it was for one of my coffee buddies who was running for school board (and won). I’ll definitely do it for Becquet’s moom.

One Response to “Hash Bash XLVI”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Never liked pot either, although I love the name Hash Bash. 🙂