Reunited with my childhood periscope

The plan was to head over to Detroit to watch a couple of short films about Isle Royale and then have lunch. When we got over there, Lizard Breath suggested that it was such a nice day maybe we should do something else. It’s supposed to rain for about the next four days so when she suggested the great lakes museum on Belle Isle, we jumped at the opportunity. I don’t think the GG has ever been to that particular museum but boy oh boy, I went there a few times when I was a kid and all I could think was PERISCOPE!

Except, OF COURSE, when I got to the museum, it wasn’t really at all like I remembered it. The blue exterior was the same and it was attached to an old great lake freighter pilot house. All of the exhibits have been modernized and there’s lots of hands on stuff for kids people to do. I don’t really remember most of the exhibits that were around when I was a kid, I think they were mostly ships’ instruments and things and those are all still there.

The problem is that I MISSED THE PERISCOPE!!! I went through the whole museum a couple times (it isn’t very big) and up and down the steps to the pilot house. The steps that are DIRECTLY TO THE LEFT OF THE PERISCOPE IN THE PIC! I WALKED BY the periscope multiple times without seeing it. It wasn’t until we all got outside and I said I guessed they had gotten rid of the periscope that the GG said, “I know where the periscope is!” I know how stupid all of this is and of course I went back inside to look through the periscope.

Then we were on to the next thing, which happened to be lunch at Batch Brewing (if you click over, we sat at the bar). Mouse instagrammed some pics from the Geology Center and I felt a pang of guilt realizing that she was probably not working today and we had not asked if she wanted to go down to Detroit with us. But then I figured that she was probably having a good time doing her own thing (and I was right). Anyway, there is nothing wrong with us spending some one-on-one time with each of our daughters alone. We don’t always have to do everything together. But I did try to entice my mouse to come over and sit in the sun with us this afternoon (and do laundry and have dinner). That is exactly what happened although it is not very sunny any more.

That is about all! It doesn’t take much sometimes. Good Sunday! –KW

2 Responses to “Reunited with my childhood periscope”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like a great Sunday! I too enjoy spending time individually with my daughters. They have very different interests. Alison loves sports, while Ashley doesn’t. They both love Happy Hours and coffee dates though!

  2. Pooh Says:

    Looks like that one guy at the right end of the bar broke up a hat trick!