He forgot the laundry detergent…

I knew he would. It’s okay. It was an experiment in a way and, as npJane commented yesterday, we’re not going to Antarctica or Mars or wherever. We are going to Crazy Old Florida (okay, the cat is outta the bag but most of y’all prob’ly figgered that anyway) where there is a Publix grokkery store on every fourth corner. Or at least there used to be on the rare occasions we visited the Cfam grandparents down there (it’s okay, we weren’t neglecting them, we frequently saw them at HL). I dunno what kind of stores are on LBK but I know we’ll find whatever we need there.

If there was ever a day that would make a person from the Great White North want to go to Florida, today would be the day. It has been an uuuuuugly day featuring ever-changing combinations of rain, sleet, and snow. And that is just down here on The Planet Ann Arbor. The GG drove down from HL this morning and encountered horrific road conditions in the Flint area (yes, *that* Flint). The snow is not sticking to the ground at all here but it is windy now and we have had one brief power outage and some flickering. Gertrude is baking a couple of Uncle Peter’s pasties in her top oven right now. If the power fails, Plan B is to bake them on the gas grill. I kind of want to put a fake log in the faaaarrrrplace because I think it would be “cool” to do a Before Fla pic. But Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench is in front of the faaarrrrplace so I’m not sure that would work out all that well.

We almost always have a snowstorm or two in April and we actually kind of enjoy those early-spring snowstorms. I cannot exactly explain why.

Finally, the pic? I didn’t notice the bird poop next to my passenger side mirror until this afternoon. Despite the horribilis weather we have had down here (rain rain rain more rain and snow or whatever), my old Red-winged Blackbird friend seems to have found my Ninja’s mirrors. The bird crap kind of almost blends in with all of the wet stuff. This pic does not show the snow that was coming down. We’ll see if the snow continues and accumulates. If it does accumulate, I may bag my walk tomorrow. I am kind of done with snow for this year. I am not sure that Old Man Winter is done with it though.


2 Responses to “He forgot the laundry detergent…”

  1. jane Says:

    yeah – yesterday’s weather was awful! I’m done with this kind of bone chilling cold rain/snow with the wind. but had a lovely dinner and fire over at a friends house, welcoming a friend from Vermont for a long weekend. and Sunday should be 70 – perfect for Festifools! Will I see you guys at Fool Moon tonight?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I would like to come with you. Our weather has been atrocious too; today we’re under a high wind warning. Lots of rain and rain. But sun and warmth are just around the corner, right??