Here I come to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on his her way!

Lemme see… Today… Began with a bird photobomber. If you look closely (or click to embiggen), you might see that the fool moon is setting in the pic. As I was pushing the photo button, this seagull came out of nowhere and bombed my photo. So cool!

We cooked a small brek here at the beach ranch and then we headed up to the Coquina Beach Farmers Market, which is mostly an artisan’s market although we did snag some Florida corn and tomatoes. And I made the impulse purchase in the photoooo below. I know. More interesting art. The GG was intrigued enough that I couldn’t resist. He’s talking about making it into a “real” hat by attaching it to a helmet he found somewhere and I have the artist’s card so I can send her a pic if/when he gets around to doing that yada yada…

Our main adventure for the day was to meet up with sister Suz and her husband Cap’n Ed and spend the afternoon at the Ringling Art Museum in Sarasota. We spent four hours there and my brain was dead by the end of it. A few pics from that, beginning with this statue in the courtyard between the two wings of the art museum. I am not sure what this statue is because at the time, I was decompressing from a stressful half-hour of dealing with work (yes, really, read to the end) and didn’t think to check.

Here is the GG in a somewhat more modern, temporary exhibit than most of the works in the museum.

We also walked outside through the rose garden. Cap’n Ed and Suz grow all kinds of plants in their yard including exotic fruits and they are greatly interested in horticulture. I enjoyed the roses greatly but I also loved the statues.

And there were banyan trees. Everywhere. Even a wee (like 50 foot) hiking trail through one.

We had an early dinner (for us) with Ed and Suz at a wonderful Italian place in the area of the museum and then we high-tailed it back to Long Boat Key in time to watch the sun go down.

And there was Mighty Mouse. Of all things, I got a text message from my boss this afternoon. I had forgotten to publish a couple of documents before I left. Oops. My bad! My team really needed these docs so I panicked for a split second or two or three. But then… As we were driving to Ringling, Mouse had been texting me FROM MY HOUSE about various things. Was she still there??? Maybe! YES! She was! Could I actually talk another person (any person?) through faaaarrring up my work laptop, locating a couple of files and emailing them to my boss? If I could manage to do that with anyone, it would be my Mouse. And that is exactly what we did. Mouse is a “millennial” and therefore has been using computers her whole life. But still, I am going to guess that there are any number of “millennials” who could not have done the very specific things that my “mighty” mouse did today, especially in the very short order of time we did it. I am always loathe to brag about my children. In the end, the best compliment I can pay them is that they are hard-working, conscientious citizens of the world and they absolutely ROCK! I love my Mouse unconditionally but she provided immense help to me and my entire work team today and I am very proud of her for being so smart and capable.

3 Responses to “Here I come to save the day! Mighty Mouse is on his her way!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Both your daughters are lovely. BTW, I think that statue may be a copy of Michelangelo’s David (original in Florence at the Accademia).

  2. jane Says:

    That statue is a copy of Michaelangelo’s David. I would recognize him pretty much anywhere! perhaps my all time fav piece of art. carved from a single block of marble that other artists were afraid of.
    here’s a link to his current setting.

    thus endeth today’s lesson. 😉

  3. Margaret Says:

    Nicely done, Mouse! I think it’s great that our kids can rescue us sometimes. It proves they are adults and that we did a good (or at least decent?) job rearing them. Both of mine have been invaluable assets to my life and sanity.