Loons in Fla?

I checked my email before I got out of bed this morning and I read a wonderful story about how a southeast Michigan birder rescued a loon from a small pond in the US23 median south of The Planet Ann Arbor. Loons cannot walk on land. Their feet are waaaaay at the back of their bodies. The rescue was a long story involving a cat cage and university art class sinks and a successful release at Barton Pond.

Anyway, I read that story and then I dragged myself outta bed and took a shower and headed down to the beach to walk because I walk in the morning (if I can) and if there is a beach, more the better (or whatever). I didn’t get very far along the beach until I encountered a big black bird sitting there. It looked like a loon. Hello? Do loons hang out in Florida? I approached it very slowly (thinking about the scary beak that the folks who rescued the Michigan loon were talking about). Was this loon healthy or did it need rescue? I did not know.

As I slowly approached its area and wondered how to get around it, the loon dragged itself down into the water and dived. As you may be able to see in the pic!

The rest of the day? Hmmm. Boardwalk trails through mangrove swamps/terrain in two areas. Those were wonderful but they took more guzzinta outta me than I expected. Back at the Sea Ranch for a while, then I got bizness done by driving a couple miles down to Publix to pick up a few grokkeries and some beer. I got Two-hearted there. Yay for Publix for stocking that stuff. But I wasn’t surprised that they had it.

Chart House for dinner. Loverly (very good food and service) albeit not our usual kind of place. But we saw dolphins. Oh and I had fun in the ladies powder room on the way out. They were out of terlet paper everywhere except the handicapped stall. I was first in line and said, “I’ll be quick. I grew up with an outhouse.” All of the women in line tittered. Tee hee. I was out quick and they all tee-heed about that.

Truth be told, I have peed many times in places without toilet paper or a place to wash hands and I am still alive and kicking big time.

Love y’all,

One Response to “Loons in Fla?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m quick too but not because I grew up with an outhouse. It’s all about teaching and spending 37 years on a damn bell schedule with a 25 minute lunch. Sounds like you’re having a great time with many adventures. Not sure what Two Hearted is. An adult beverage?