Ladies, it’s three o’clock, it’s time to get dressed

I love Florida and I love the place we are staying. I sat out by the pool today and I listened to some “older” women talk about their experiences owning condos or whatever. I couldn’t figger all of that out. I didn’t get into the pool. I don’t really like pools although I may well get into this one before we are done. I am not much of an ocean swimmer either.

Apparently, a Florida condo-type woman had a habit of inviting her buddies to come on over in their bathrobes. So people started coming over in bathrobes and I guess (?) they must have hung around until 3:00 PM. Day-drinking? Yeah, probably. But I don’t quite get it. I take a shower and get dressed early. By three o’clock I am about ready for a Sinking Spell. Washing my face and maybe my feet. Bathrobe? What?

As I watched and listened to these swimming pool babes, I felt the first flicker of Great White North stir in me for a while now. I love it here but the Yooperland and the Planet Ann Arbor always pull me back. I don’t think I could be long-term friends with the women in the pool. But who knows.

One Response to “Ladies, it’s three o’clock, it’s time to get dressed”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have trouble sitting by a pool for any length of time without starting to pace around it. I don’t like inactivity much. Makes me antsy.