Florida Man (and Michigan Man)

Our first trip today was to take the boardwalk trails out to Quick Point, which is at the end of Longboat key. We had a difficult time leaving though because right around the time we were about to leave, April the giraffe was *finally* dropping her calf. She gave birth while we were walking out to Quick Point and we stopped amongst the mangroves to watch her calf slide out.

We went to the Sarasota Jungle Gardens today. I wanted to see some alligators and I did see a few but they were mostly small ones.

Here is my own personal [temporary] Florida Man hanging out at the Sarasota Jungle Gardens with his own personal giraffe.

And finally, we met up with the GG’s brother Jack for dinner. Here are the brothers at Cody’s Roadhouse.

One Response to “Florida Man (and Michigan Man)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Great trip! I didn’t get into the giraffe thing at all, but I’m relieved that she FINALLY gave birth! Does your husband’s whole family look like twins? 🙂