So, how many times have you eaten somebody like Crabby for dinner? He is pretty much dinner sized I believe, although I was sitting up on the bank when the GG took this pic. A fisherman was casting out into the sea and Crabby grabbed some of his bait and so rode up on shore. He dropped the bait (he was not hooked) and apparently he was angry enough to try to intimidate the fisherman. Eventually he backed down into the Gulf of Mexico.

I got to the default number of steps I have my fitbit set at (10,000) today but I didn’t get much farther than that. I was LAZY today. It was okay. I swam wallowed in the pool today. A bit. It is a saltwater pool. I am okay with that. I didn’t swallow any water at all. But it was weird to me when I did taste salt and I took a shower before we went out to eat this afternoon. I also got a bit sunburned. Not much. I made sure I was sitting under an umbrella when I was not in the pool but some body parts got a wee bit exposed. It’s okay. By the time I get back to the Planet Ann Arbor, I will have tan arms.

I also finished the detective (or whatever) novel Tourist Season by Carl Hiaasen today. It is not my usual genre but it is set in Florida and it was a really fun read and I think I will be checking out more of his books. The GG ran out of books about the 1917 Russian Revolution so I suggested this book to him and I think he is also enjoying it.

Our vacay is not finished yet but beginning tomorrow, we will take a swing to the south and east and then the blasted Great White North will be pulling on us like it always does. This afternoon, we met up with our Beautiful Suz and Cap’n Ed for dinner over in Cortez. Suz is the GG’s beautiful younger sister and Ed (her husband) is a native Floridian with many stories to tell. We love them both so much. I wish I could teleport down here to hang out with them an hour or two at a time at will.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Fun to see family! I would like to read books by Carl Hiaasen. I think I tried one, and it didn’t capture me; I probably should try again. Many people have recommended him to me. Enjoy!