Home, where things are starting to get green

As you can see, we are in the beginning of the spring season here on the Planet Ann Arbor, so there is a variety of foliage.

I love Florida very much but every time I have traveled there, I have been happy to return to the Great White North. I don’t really know why I feel that way or how to describe why I do. Probably that the Great White North is my home. There are people who migrate to Fla from around here. I don’t totally get it.

So, I ended up reading two Florida books on our trip. I wrote about Carl Hiaasen’s Tourist Season a while back. It was not my usual genre (crime novel) but I loved it and I think the GG did also. At one point, I heard him say something like, “These guys are crazy!” Yes.

I found “Continental Drift” randomly. I loved the writing. I could get tuned in to the characters. But how depressing can you get? I liked the main character or at least I wanted to like him but he just kept shooting himself in the foot over and over and over. Why did he move to Florida again? I dunno. I think he moved down there to try to make more money for his family. Alas. That can work out for a few people but for most folks it’s best if you already *have* some money when you move to Fla (or anywhere). We won’t even talk about the secondary character who made a long arduous journey to Florida from Haiti and was enslaved and raped, etc., over and over and over before she reached the shores of Florida. I can’t even… … … Why do human beings do these kinds of things to other human beings? I do not know. Sorry to get heavy here but…

I finished “Continental Drift” literally just outside The Planet Ann Arbor, just after we made the ugly turn from US23 to I94 west to our Jackson Road exit.

The GG did a whole heckuva lotta yard work today. Yer fav-o-rite blahgger hung out doing little chores like dishes and picking away at small unpacking stuff. And cooking chores. And reading. I am now reading “Idaho” and am totally engrossed in it. BFF has a hard copy of the book (her book club read it) but I am doing it on my phone, which is where I prefer to read books.

Work tomorrow. Hi… Ho…

One Response to “Home, where things are starting to get green”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Home does have a special place for us. In spite of ALL THE RAIN here lately, I would hate a place that doesn’t have seasons. Unpleasant as they can be. I intend to check out those books you’re reading/read. 🙂 Welcome back to the NORTH!!