Butt in seat on mouseday

I was ready for work today. I can’t say I wasn’t a bit nervous about it. I felt like I left a bit of chaos behind two whole weeks ago and then there was the whole Ringling Museum courtyard talk-thru with my mouse to make sure people had the latest version of two of my functional specifications. On the other hand, work has been a bit chaotic lately anyway. I didn’t know what to expect exactly but as it turned out, things were just about how they were when I left. And that has been typical throughout my “adult” career in the online banking biz.

The hardest part of today was my commute, because when I got to the Ellsworth/State roundabout, I could. not. make. a. right. turn. Sigh. It’s the orange barrel season here in the Great Lake State and South State was closed from Ellsworth until Avis. I will be going “all tvarhe the way down to the bottom” (say it in a British accent please) to get to and from work for a while.

You do not want to know about work. It wasn’t bad at all and I was given plenty of space to do what I needed to do.

The other thing that happens today is that my second child, last child, aka the “baby”, reaches one of those zero birthdays. I wish her my best (of course!) but this is *probably* the last time I will post a bunch of embarrassing photos of her as a small child. But here are some, lightly captioned.

I am *not* a tiger, I am a *mouse*. Also, I do not wear hats.

Okay, this costume is muuuuch better.

Birthday number 2. A hat grandma Fran made, high heels, and an outfit that my brother’s family brought in a gift bag and my mouse took off whatever clothing she had on (right out in front of everyone) and donned the new outfit. I miss those days… … …

Various costume parts and pieces repurposed.

Rabbit head? I won’t even try to describe this one.

2 Responses to “Butt in seat on mouseday”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Such great costumes and smiles from Mouse! Happy Birthday to her!!

  2. Mouse Says:

    Day Of Mice! Day Of Mice! Day Of Mice!