End of the 640 era

Four years ago and some, I became the owner of a small storage unit. You know the kind, like the one where Clarice Starling found the body of a flute player of all things in Silence of the Lambs. Of course, when we rented our unit, the GG had to ask about bodies. Our storage unit guy did once find a dead cat in one. Unfortunately, he could smell it. I have always hoped it was an accident, like the cat was in the car when they were loading or unloading stuff and got into the storage unit and couldn’t get out. Alas, if *I* had a cat (or any living being), I would notice that it was missing and would go back for it or call the storage place or whatever. So I dunno. I do know that human beings seem to be capable of doing all kinds of horrible things to their pets (not to mention other human beings).

To answer some of the stuff in the original blahg entry, I never once walked to the storage unit, even though it is, in fact, maybe 500 steps beyond the Plum Market and I walk over to the Plum Market all the time (1100 steps). In fact, I have not even driven over there, at least not by myself.

I am not sorry we rented the storage unit. It helped us during a difficult period in our flinging phase (which we are still in) when we took on a whole bunch of stuff from The Commander’s house. It also provided extra space when The Prince of Denmark needed to store some stuff for a month or so last summer during her encampment here until her next living situation became available.

I came home today to see this old dorm loft out by the street. I can’t even exactly remember which of our children used this loft in their freshman living situation but it came home and it hung around somewhere and then when we rented 640, it got repurposed as a storage unit structure to hold boxes and things. I would betcha dollars that most colleges do not let parents build lofts for their children any more.

I was so excited when we rented 640. For years, every time somebody asked me what I wanted for my birthday or xmas, I would say, “A dumpster in the driveway”. I never got that but I did get storage unit 640 four years ago. Today, the GG emptied the few things that were left in it. We are at the point where we do not need external storage to deal with stuff. Although we still have stuff to deal with…

2 Responses to “End of the 640 era”

  1. Sam Says:

    Major accomplishment….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I guess, like me, you have to look at progress and not focus about all the stuff left to do. If I had to move, it would be a sorry state of affairs. My house isn’t cluttered, but there are some nasty closets and the garage is not in good shape. I did get rid of a lot of Patt’s tools and work things, mainly to Habitat for Humanity. But that man did like to keep everything!