Bad pics of good aminals

In my adult life, I have not had pets, at least not the “traditional” dog and/or cat-type pets. Rat, guinea pig, multiple fish (that died quickly at our incompetent hands), five anole lizards (that lasted FOREVER, the last one died after six years). BTW, anoles are all over Florida as a natural part of the landscape.

Friday was (inexplicably) an aminal day for me. Somehow I needed one. First there was the catsa I encountered upon returning from my walk at 0-skunk-30. He was pretty friendly. He didn’t quiiiiite rub against my legs but he made those kind of motions, just stayed a few inches away. He did not look like a stray. He had a collar and tags and didn’t look or act needy so I told him how pretty he was and side-stepped into the house.

And then I got to work and FZ has been threatening promising to bring his dogs to work for a couple of days now. They have been Home Alone this week and need more exercise than they are getting. And we needed a weeeee bit of pet therapy after a more strenuous work week than we are accustomed to.

Our (awesome) Amazon Boss said, “Go get them” and so he did and my team spent a good half hour hanging around watching these beautiful black labs explore the area, splashing in and out of the ponds. Sonic is one of the dogs and she is the mother of none other than [drum roll] Tigger!

Tigger is my childhood dog’s name. We adopted her as a puppy. She was a stray and who knows exactly what she was made of. We guessed a bit of golden retriever, cocker spaniel, collie and who knows what else. I showed FZ a (very blurry) pic of her and he guessed some sort of Canadian-type retriever that was unfamiliar to me but might be accurate. I do know that she loved to chase birds and would swim way out in the bay to try to “retrieve” seagulls and The Commander would be yelling at her to come back to shore.

Today? Farmer’s market in the morning and we were there when it opened so we definitely got in on the asparagus today. And then our quick green lizard came over from Daytwa and walked downtown with us for lunch at the Griz. We bused it back to the Plum to get ingredients for Sheet Pan Chicken Tikka and then we all had a bit of a sinking spell and *then*, our lizard cooked dinner for us, which is still in the oven as I write this. And I am kind of done and you all are happy about that. 💜

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a great time! I love when my kids cook for me. They are both better cooks than I, especially Ashley!!