You can take her out but you have to put a bag over her head

Something like that. This is a snapchat pic. I do not have snapchat. I’m not sure I totally understand how snapchat works. I do know that the pics/posts/whatever go away after a while. That could be useful for people who don’t want their posts to exist forever. That way, you can hide your posts from your parents or the government or whoever. I think that’s how it works but not really sure. On the other hand, you get to add all of these cool neon stickers and things. See the froog on the GG’s shoulder?

Also, didn’t someone once say something like April is the cruelest month? It was kinda cruel today. Not that it snowed or anything like that. Sometimes it does snow in April. Today was simply chilly and gray and eventually it rained. We huuuunnnnng around most of the morning until finally the GG said, “Do you guys want me to take you for a ride?” Yes. Yes, we did. Lizard Breath and me. He did the traditional River Ride and then he headed south to Liberty and back east. At some point he suggested a bit of Sunday afternoon decadence and we were discussing various places of possible decadence and then he jogged over to Jackson Road and I knew that we were going to end up at Sessions, where we spent a loverly hour or so drinking beer/whine and eating a snacky lunch.

We got back to the Landfill and Lizard and I walked to the Plum Market and then I made some enchiladas and eventually our Mouse came over after her work was finished. The GG snuggled her into the Reading Chair and Lizard Breath served her a few belated birthday gifts and her irresponsible mother provided a freezer ‘hattan.

The weather here? Really not all that bad. After our two-week road trip to Florida, we have missed most of the usual April cruelty, including deep snow slogs on the North Country Trail in the yooperland.

Love y’all. KW. Safe travels to those jumping over the pond in the near future!

3 Responses to “You can take her out but you have to put a bag over her head”

  1. jane Says:

    I have not been to Sessiona (the Session House?) yet, but it’s on my list!!!

  2. Sam Says:

    Thanks! Love ya back.

  3. Margaret Says:

    I don’t have snapchat either, but it looks cute. Glad you got in some celebrations with family!