When in doubt, color code

One of my mantras at work is something like, “if you find that you are writing Word Salad, that means it’s time for a picture”. I use the term picture loosely. It could mean a flow chart or a table or an annotated screen shot. Or whatever it takes to get the point across. I rocked it this morning with a color-coded table that helped a bunch of us sort out an extremely complex issue. But pride goeth before a fall so the next issue had me going something like bdah bdah bdah.

The other thing that’s going on today is that we FORGOT to give our Mouse a couple of IMPORTANT birthday gifts including a PROTECTIVE FISH! Actually two. I cannot explain in this space at this time why we call them protective fish. Maybe someday when I am wearing purple, I will let all of the family crap out. Not yet. Actually, I DOOOOO wear purple quite frequently. But I do NOT wear one of those red hats or whatever they are..

And then there was some other stuff that happened today, including the Bookhouse Books but we’ll talk about that another time. For now, it is spring on The Planet Ann Arbor and we are color coded for spring, which I believe has happened at least a week before it usually does around here.

One Response to “When in doubt, color code”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Beautiful flowers! We had a very sunny day today, which was NICE. And I took the day off. 🙂 Protective fish? Hmmm.