Protective Fish

Things about today? Hmmm… Coffee at Barry’s with MMCB2 is always a plus. What do we talk about? just the usual things baggy old bags talk about. Husbands, kids, other family members (problem or not), travel, polly-ticks, technology, you name it. I could’ve sat there all morning today. It was raining and I was comfortable sitting over at Barry’s with my friends and I really didn’t want to go to work because…

…I well knew what work would be like today, which was banging my head against one ridiculously complicated issue after another all day long, sometimes having to switch rapidly between ridiculously complicated issues. Do not get me wrong! I LOVE this kind of stuff but I was exhausted by the time I got home, not to mention that I had an echo all day.

Did I mention rain? It rained ALL DAY and getting home meant piloting my little Ninja around the gigantic puddles that formed here and there on the secondary roads I have to drive while I can’t get to my beloved (yes) traffic circle and therefore the I94 18-wheel Slogway that dumps me off (after five miles) onto Jackson Rd. Flooding? A little in the back yard but I’ve seen worse.

So, Protective Fish? Mouse’s photo (above) shows two examples of Protective Fish. Our friend Victoria exhibits these at the A2 Farmers Market every Saturday pretty much throughout the year. I think she goes to Fla for a bit. I don’t blame her. When I was young and poor(er than I am now), she was making St. Nicks (and she still does those). I always coveted those but there was no way I could afford one. At some point, she branched out into fish (she still makes St. Nicks, hint for xmas gift) and the GG discovered her and we are now friends and there you go. At this point, almost everyone in my little branch of the Fin Fam owns at least one Protective Fish and we also have a couple at the Houghton Lake Group Home.

Alert Alert Alert

As I speak, a spider has “rappelled” down from Froggy’s mardi gras beads onto my MacBook Pro keyboard and BACK TWICE. I watched the whole thing. I could not get a good pic of Spidey, even with the iPhone burst feature. I thought that I lost the spider but now I see it scuttling around the stuff on the counter to the right of my laptop, iPhone, etc. If I were The Commander (my mother, who hated spiders), I would squelch it with a Kleenex from the box to the right of my laptop. But I’m gonna let it live. I am reasonably sure that it isn’t a poisonous spider and one of the things I will remember forever is the time when the GG and I were at Houghton Lake and his dad was there and we stood in the garage watching a spider spin a web for what seemed like hours.


One Response to “Protective Fish”

  1. Margaret Says:

    The fish are great! We all need our “protectors.” 🙂 I don’t like spiders and will kill them if they are in the house. Outside, never. Their webs are works of art. But the house is my territory and they are not welcome!