Haven’t been here in toooooo long…

Uuuuuuugly on The Planet Ann Arbor this morning. 42 degrees, heavy rain, wind. Did I say wind? When I got to work this morning, I tried to open my car door and the wind blew it right back at me. I simpered to myself for a split-second and then I pulled up my big-girl underwear and pushed the dern door back open, grabbed my laptop and schlepped into work.

I exchanged this afternoon for some weekend work hours so I schlepped back out into the muck and sloshed home, packed up and headed north out of Ann Arbor. For about the first 15 miles, I. thought. I. was. gonna. die… Heavy rain. Big lorries EVERYWHERE. Construction (they’re building a “flex lane” in the middle of the freeway, not sure what that means exactly) Horribly uneven pavement laced with rumble strips or whatever they are.

And then I ran out of the rain and construction and for most of the rest of the trip, it was smooth sailing. Until I got a few miles south of West Branch, where I had to make a Hard Stop and for the next several miles I switched between first and second gear until I passed this part of the construction. Michigan freeways are baaaaad but if I had known about this bit of construction (hint to people who *did* detour it yesterday and could have warned me but didn’t, ahem), I could’ve easily detoured it.

As I drove north, the temperature climbed from 42 to 60. Go figger. And this is the lake skyscape that greeted me when I got here. After our epic trip to Florida, I had some trepidation about driving to Houghton Lake this weekend. But I did and I did it with aplomb. I arrived to an overwhelming amount of information via the GG jumping out of the Lyme Lounge and asking me a whole bunch of questions. What horse do I want to bet on? Do I want to go to Fred’s for dinner? Well. Give me a few minutes to get my breath, please?

I took a small walk and then I chose my horses and we did go to Fred’s for dinner. Of course I wanted to go there! We met up with the Lord and Lady of Linden who were a bit behind me on the freeway (and I’m sorry I didn’t have the presence of mind to warn them about the West Branch construction since I also went through it). So much fun!

2 Responses to “Haven’t been here in toooooo long…”

  1. l4827 Says:

    The travel northward can provide some – 77 proof Bombay gin availability, while supplies last, of some spectacular views of the Kentucky derby.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Great decision to get out of town. Freeways are terrible in general. Our local ones are awful too.