Working from Lyme Lounge

Working for an afternoon’s worth of hours this morning was a *good* thing. I managed to sort out signal from noise enough to make major progress on a couple of prodjects that have been escaping comprehensive solutions for weeks now. Interruptions, interruptions, interruptions. Okay. So, here is my cozy little Cube Away from Cubelandia, nestled up next to the Group Home. It’s also a good Freak Out Chamber for introverts who need a leeeeeetle less discussion for a bit.

Here’s part of the interior minus my work laptop, which was on the *other* table at the *back* of the Lyme Lounge, the table I was sitting at.

This lumberjack was at play while I toiled away. And yes, that’s a pole barn across the road. No, it is not ours (aka, the Cfam). We do not own the land it’s on. It’s a long boring story and it doesn’t involve The Nature Conservancy. Although we would prefer it was not there, there is actually a bit of a silver lining involved, one that defies description.

The Lyme Lounge is a bit too small for Victoria’s Protective Fish but we have some have some mini versions. Also Protective Moose, Protective Beaver, Protective Squoil, and, oh yeah, a Protective Mouse.

And now, four out of five Group Home owners (out of the 10 original siblings) and three of four significant others and Daisy and Chloe Belle are here and yer fav-o-rite introvert is about to put some bells on and head on in to join the party. Lemme see… Chicken and bratwurst on the grill, red-skinned potatoes, asparagus, corn on the cob, and salad. And the Kentucky Derby! My bets are placed! Are yours?

One Response to “Working from Lyme Lounge”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Menu sounds wonderful–but I’ve never been a Derby watcher. 🙂