The nitty gritty

I love the new (?) trend where breakfast restaurants, etc., serve coffee in a random mashup of donated cups. Little Boots Diner at Houghton Lake, which is one of my fave places to get breakfast ever (because they have the gunslinger quesadilla (I always eat two thirds of it and take the rest home in a box)), has all kinds of mugs. I randomly got this “Kiss my Grits” mug when we ate there on Sunday.

After my parents retired, my old coot started collecting souvenir coffee mugs from all of the places they traveled. I mean he *bought* them, not that he was a kleptomaniac. I think this was fun for both of the parents for a while. They named some of the mugs, like Big *ss, which has a rear view of a great big bear on it. They got that at the Columbia Iceberg. Sometimes (but not always) The Comm would serve particular people coffee in that mug at the moomincabin. There was usually a reason for picking out the person and it had nothing to do with the size of their corresponding body part matched the bear on the mug. I have received it quite a few times and nowadays the GG definitely serves me coffee in it. My *ss is not all that big but my attitude is!

In later years, I think The Commander got a little bit overwhelmed by the mugs. Storage was difficult and I think she yearned to fling things. Eventually I ended up with the task of disseminating the mugs. Well, a lot of the mugs. Big *ss and some others are still at the moomincabin. Some family members took some of them. A few of them got donated (I think). I found a Gatlinburg mug in the moomincabin garage last summer and I tried to foist it off on a Gatlinburg resident to no avail. (It’s okay, I figgered he wouldn’t want it and I was just harassing him and we all laughed.)

So, who remembers the TV show that Kiss My Grits comes from? (The phrase probably pre-dates the TV show but that show is the first time I had ever heard of it.) My “childhood” boss Byron used to sometimes call me Alice after the Alice in that show. I was actually flattered.

2 Responses to “The nitty gritty”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have quite a collection of mugs and love them, but rarely use them. Perhaps when I’m retired and don’t have to keep my coffee super hot? We’ll see.

  2. l4827 Says:

    Well Flow,

    I can only flip the burgers only so fast …