When kw tfs takes an afternoon nap and other sniggly little annoyances

tfs is a Microsoft product and don’t bother to google it. It’s just a versioning app that a lot of companies use. I use it all the time. The last few days, it has gotten “tired” in the mid-to-late afternoon. Kind of like I do sometimes. Fortunately I have not fallen out of my chair yet. tfs doesn’t sit in a chair. It just goes somewhere and leaves me with a spinning “I’m working” thingy. Working? Or sleeping?

And then I got home to a letter from FDOT (Florida tollway system) notifying meeeeee (but not the GG, whose name is first on the Frog Hopper’s car title) that I owed them $4.88. They had a pic of my(our) license plate and everything. Whut? We were on tollways exactly *two* days. One was the day we took the Sunshine Skyway bridge down into Bradenton and the second was when we were navigating the area surrounding Mouseland. We stopped for *every* *single* *blasted* toll booth we encountered. We couldn’t get *through* without stopping, fer kee-reist. It’s kind of like crossing the Mackinac Bridge. You have to pay or you don’t get to go through. We eventually figured out it had something to do with the tollway that we took down to the Sunshine Skyway bridge. If I were MMCB1 I might have spent a few hours on the phone contesting this thing. But I am KW and it was $4.88 (fer kee-reist) and so I bludgeoned my way through the difficult FDOT UI and paid the dern thing. (I still like Florida. I still don’t want to live there.)

Last and least, I texted the GG to ask him to buy orange juice today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t specific enough in my request to ask for fresh-squeezed OJ from the Plum Market. So he bought it from Kroger and that would be okay except that he bought the OJ that is fortified with calcium and vitamin D. It’s okay. The taste isn’t as bad as it was when “they” first introduced this swill. But, when I want OJ, I want the fresh-squeezed stuff from the Plum. But this will pass, eventually.

Polly-ticks? Whut? I continue to watch in horrified fascination and I hope that the checks of balance between our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of power remain intact throughout the Trump era.

2 Responses to “When kw tfs takes an afternoon nap and other sniggly little annoyances”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Politics, ugh!! I hate the OJ with calcium, but has it improved? My parents have gotten bills for crossing the Narrows bridge, when they haven’t been over it for decades. Apparently, the camera can read the license plate, but can’t necessarily identify the state. My mother has successfully contested it every time. And enjoyed it!

  2. Sam Says:

    Try poaching some chicken (or perhaps fish) in the OJ, then reduce it to make a sauce? Will that help “get rid” of it?