Callyforny Girls (grok grok)

Our Callyforny girls are both home safe ‘n’ sound fer th’ holly-days. Th’ Beeyooty-ful Renee made it outta th’ Feenix aero-port ‘n’ ol’ Lizard Breath got thru th’ Denver aero-port withou’ eny incy-dent. Er, ‘cept fer some crazy ol’ growler on Lizard’s aero-plane who decided it’d be a good ol’ idea t’ smoke a ciggy-ret in th’ bathroom. Set off th’ ol’ smoke alarms ‘n’ got th’ ol’ Dee-troit po-lice russled up at th’ end o’ th’ flight. Not t’ mention abou’ th’ ol’ erth-quakes that’ve been goin’ on out there in Berkeley fer th’ last few days.

Enyway, my owner ‘n’ her cuzzin are practy-cly twins. Tha’s them in 2002 on th’ left with th’ ol’ growlers ‘n’ there they are in 2006 on th’ right.

twincousins.jpg  lizrenee.jpg

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