Mr. Grinch Makes an Appearance in Phoenix

We have a guest blahgger today, our niece Renee. Yesterday, she tried to fly home for the holidays from San Francisco and became stranded in Phoenix.

ababsurdo seems to appropriate venue through which to share that i am stranded in Phoenix and will not be in attendance at the Courtois party tonight. the first time i will EVER have missed it!

U.S. Airways / America West is the Grinch. i did my part as a punctual flyer, arriving on time and abandoning my toothpaste and deoderant (and Mouse’s Christmas present) in my checked luggage, only to have the flight delayed 30 minutes and to miss my connecting flight out of PHX by literally five minutes. the plane leaves for Detroit without me (but WITH my luggage! Mouse, your gift is circling the luggage carousel in Detroit!). me and five other Detroiters are left stranded in Phoenix. stood in the customer “service” line for five hours, to be told there are no flights available to Detroit, sorry ma’am, you will be in Phoenix until Monday. Christmas! they had me flying to Detroit on Christmas, and staying in Phoenix for three days. predictably, there were tears.

then, a friend does a simple Travelocity search and gets me a flight TONIGHT on Northwest. do we think it is a coincidence that U.S. Airways “couldn’t” find me a flight on a competing carrier? hmm…

long story longer, i’ll be home at 5am on Christmas Eve (sigh), and i doubt the Courtois party will be raging at that point. i love you all, and Merry Christmas!! my only comfort is that i’ll see some of you at the wedding!

love, Renee

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  1. renee Says:

    update: I’M HOME!!! 🙂