Noodly doodly manatee dreams

Man oh man, did I wish I was having manatee dreams or noodly-doodly dreams or even shoreline dreams this morning just before I had to drag myself outta REM-type sleep and mobilize for another day of making donuts and bringing home bacon.

None of those, though. First, I had a “driving a car up a hill that becomes virtually verticle at the top” dream. In these dreams, you are wondering whether you are going to: 1) get to the top, 2) get *over* the top, 3) or slide backwards. In these dreams, I always either: 1) get to the top and over it or 2) wake up. This particular dream took place on the International Bridge and had the added wrinkle that emergency vee-hickles were coming over the hill the other direction and everyone but *us* stopped at the bottom of the hill. The GG was driving in this dream and he would not stop… (I *think* I had *two* of those dreams last night/this morning but I can’t quite remember the first one…) The International Bridge has a gentle slope up and down over the locks, etc., and is never anything approaching scary except maybe for one time in the Jurassic Age when The Commander and I went over to shop at the Loon’s Nest in Station Mall in Canananada and we had to drive back through a snowstorm and it was a little slippery.

And then there was the dreaded PACKING DREAM!!! Oh how I HATE those! In this one, I somehow segued from trying to find the bathroom in my high school (the old one that isn’t around any more) to some Borne version of the moomincabin. One where a whole bunch of “valuable” stuff had been left outside all winter and I was scrambling to get it inside except that there was no room “inside” and “inside” wasn’t exactly “inside” and every time I turned around, there were more things and I kept discovering caches of smaller things within the other things. And then I woke up… And dragged myself into the shower and forced myself to take a walk… Fortunately it was a beautiful warm rainy-without-lightning morning and my walk and coffee with MMCB (and work) brought me back to reality.

Did you read this all the way through? I don’t blame you if you didn’t. I really hate when people start telling my me about their dreams. But if you did read, did you see my reference to Borne? If you did or didn’t, if you are into dystopian literature (and I am!), read Borne, by Jeff VanderMeer. I wanted it to end. Except that I didn’t want it to end.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t generally put my dreams on my blog because many of them would be sad or inappropriate. 😉 I’ve never heard of Borne!